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We provide solutions to reduce the corporate carbon footprint by working on fighting climate change and creating sustainable spaces.

With solutions to support their digital transformation, we shape the living spaces of brands that are mindful about sustainability.

Priorities for sustainability

Sustainable teams

Sustainable processes

Sustainable areas

Step 1: Emission Impact Dashboard

The Emissions Impact Dashboard allows you to measure the impact of many Microsoft 365 services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, and more on your company's carbon footprint, and break down emissions by service and data center. Once you add the Emissions Impact Dashboard to Power BI, you can measure your company's carbon footprint based on the data. Discover how you contribute to the environment by configuring an app in a fraction of time.

Step 2: Microsoft Sustainability manager

By connecting the applications and processes used in your company to the Microsoft sustainability manager, you can measure the total impact of your organization, conduct periodic and annual analyses and create advanced reports. The sustainability manager analyzes a wide range of data from IoT devices to local IT resources in accordance with international standards and supports you in creating your roadmap for sustainable working environments.

Green Solutions and Products

We care about the contribution of the products we develop to the environment and companies to raise awareness about creating sustainable offices.

Discover our products and solutions that will make your organization a part of digital transformation.

Non-Contact offices with Envisense

Prepares the necessary environment for the creation of low energy consumption, data-driven workplaces and sustainable environmentally friendly offices. Makes it easy to manage your devices like lighting, air conditioning and ventilation in offices through a single interface. You get to prevent wasting energy by remote controlling the lighting, ventilation and similar devices that are on.

Digital Business Cards with SIGNandGO

With signature banners designed with SIGNandGO, business cards go digital. You get to increase your brand awareness while saying goodbye to business cards that cause you to waste paper. With customized signature designs, your employees become the ambassadors that reflect the awareness of your brand.

Digital Offices with Velocity

Velocity Intranet redesigns your digital workspaces. Enables all employees to exchange documents, surveys, announcements or greeting messages on a single platform. With its special applications, allows all procedures that cause paper waste like leave, expenses, advances, etc. to be managed on a digital platform.

No-Contact door management with Hodoor

Tracking the activities of your employees in different passage areas within your workplace minimizes contamination during pandemics and epidemics. With Hodoor, you get to collect entry-exit data. In case of any disease, it is easily determined which days the sick employees were in the office or who were in the same place with them at the same time. You get to create sustainable areas where there is no contact with door handles and monitor data on a single panel.

Healthy living spaces with the Desk Reservation App

The Desk Reservation Application provides the easiest management of in-house employee scheduling processes. It allows employees to reserve empty desks on a single panel according to the time they want to come to the office in a hybrid system. You get to maintain the balance of the number of people in the offices according to the reserved desks and the need for a healthy working environment.

Digitalized processes with the Audit App

With the Audit Application, you get to carry out your branch audits easily and report them quickly. This way, the current shift, stock and audit system gets to be kept in an organized manner. Processes that are digitized prevent paper waste and support sustainability.

Sustainable systems with the Maintenance App

Breakdown maintenance processes like creating a breakdown notification, assigning the breakdown request to the team or individuals, informing the technical team, purchasing approval processes get to be processed end-to-end. Processes that need to be managed manually become digitized on a single platform. This way, you get to eliminate the extra time you normally waste and don't have to deal with formal paperwork.

Employees in constant communication with Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you get to strengthen the communication within your company even when working remotely, reduce the e-mail traffic and transfer your organization's culture to the digital environment. This way, employees adapt to change management processes more easily. Teams creates significant reductions in paper and document exchanges and plays a major role in the preparation of environmentally friendly offices.

While playing a major role in designing environmentally friendly spaces with the products we develop and the solutions we offer, we also give utmost importance to the sustainability of companies' communication processes and workflows.