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Desk Reservation Application

The Desk Reservation Application allows employees to reserve empty desks through a single panel according to the day they will come to their offices or the dates they want to come in a hybrid work model. The balance of the number of people in the offices is maintained according to the reserved desks and the need for a healthy working environment.

Manage your reservation processes through a single panel

Being able to make plans according to the reservation days of the team you want to work with according to your colleagues' schedules allows you to work productively and collaboratively.

Determine your hybrid working days yourselves, find the most suitable time and area for you, and plan your arrival times by making your reservation.

Desk Reservation;

• Helps you plan work weeks
• Makes the management of office capacity easier.
• Allows you to make reservations based on teams and regions.
• Your reservation gets to be made through authorized places.
• You can manage who can make a reservation and where they can make that reservation.
• You can manage the reservations of meeting rooms.

Make the most of your time

On the days you visit the office, you can reserve your workspaces for yourself or your teammates and plan your day perfectly.