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Strengthen your signatures with SIGNandGO!

SIGNandGO provides a centralized email signature management to your company.

A signature banner designed with SIGNandGO increases brand awareness. With custom signature designs, you get to have digital business cards that reflect your brand identity.

Why is email signature management important for your company?

With SIGNandGO, an email signature solution, signatures get to have a more professional look. SIGNandGO helps you organize your corporate e-mail management centrally and makes the follow-up of HR departments easier. Thus, the signatures of the employees are always up-to-date and have a perfect design. Offers a cloud-based and advanced enterprise signature management that is powered by OWA and provides compatibility with Office 365 email signature. This way, you get to have an easy corporate e-mail management and all your signatures get to be flawless.

SIGNandGO works wonders with Office 365!​

Why are email signatures important to your brand?

Email signatures are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand. They determine the identity of your institution and strengthen its reputation. With SIGNandGO, you can create a compatible e-mail signature exclusive to a department or people and increase brand awareness with each e-mail you send.

What do your email signatures say about your company?

Your email signatures, made up of professional templates, reflect your brand. Information always stays up to date, while the signature management of your entire company gets carried out automatically. SignandGO creates a great impression for your company by boosting your brand awareness and overall sales while making your calls-to-action stand out in your email signatures.


Human Resources

Use a single interface to manage all the email signatures of all your employees.


Digital marketing

Make your announcements and promote your campaigns with e-mail signatures, increase your website’s traffic and manage your digital marketing processes.


Information Technologies

Instead of dealing with solutions that require server installation, provide a cloud-based centralized e-mail signature management. Create, assign and manage email signatures.


Corporate communication

Strengthen your brand and increase your brand’s awareness with signatures designed with SIGNandGO. Use your email signatures as your digital business cards.

Strengthen Your Brand with SIGNandGO

What can you with your e-mail signatures?

• You can promote your content like campaigns, notices, advertisements, and special day celebratory messages with images, gifs, and redirection links added to your e-mail signatures.

• Email signatures scheduled for specific dates automate the design of special days such as anniversaries or campaign periods.

• Thanks to its mobile compatibility, it also interacts with signatures on mobile devices.

• With the web-based structure, fast setup, and infrastructure it has, SIGNandGO provides team-specific management with signature control without being dependent on a single department.

• With the multi-language option, it offers you the chance to have a signature in the language you want.

“86% of marketing experts use their email signatures to announce their campaigns.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can import html signatures, design custom signatures with the editor or choose from the template gallery. Remember there are html design best practices for email clients like Outlook.

No, you can use the template library to select pre-created designs for your email signatures.


Yes, you can use SIGNandGo as fully SaaS with the cloud version if you're using Microsoft 365 or Exchange Online or hybrid environments Local Exchange Server with Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) or Local Microsoft Exchange Server with local Active Directory.

Yes. you can use different email signatures with language and design while sending emails to different regions by using taxonomies or policies.
Yes, you can create different e-mail signatures for different departments and also use different e-mail signature variations for internal/external emails.

You can get SIGNandGO in three ways, directly from this site, using your existing Microsoft CSP partner or Microsoft Appsource.