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Welcome to your journey to discover what life and the experience of working with new technologies is like here in PEAKUP!

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Who are we?

We are a technology company with a mission to develop sustainable and beneficial world-class products.

Our journey started in 2012 and today we have enabled over 1 million end users to migrate to the cloud computing technologies. We continue to provide technology solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa with more than a thousand customers.

Biz Kimiz?

Here in PEAKUP, we make great ideas come true and create successful projects while enjoying a fun working environment with our young and dynamic team.

Our core values are
a must for us

These values are the principles of our company, our team, our mission.

We enjoy learning and innovating continuously. We are not afraid of failure, we are in favor of progressing by learning.

We care about our customers, and creating work and customer experience that we are proud of is at the top of our responsibilities.

Our working hours are whatever you want them to be.

Yes, we may be working from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., but if you say you are not a morning person, we have good options for you too.

Benefits of working

Private Health Insurance

Your health matters to us. You can book appointments at hospitals that have a contract with your private health insurance.

Hobby Support

Courses, training, music lessons and more. We support whatever it is that you want to do.

Subscription to platforms like Netflix & Spotify

We’ve got you when you want to watch a movie or series, or listen to music. We cover those subscriptions.

English Support

We give you the chance to book sessions with our own teacher at the office and improve your English.


Every year, we go to a hotel with our team to close the year. We have a lot of fun while making our end-of-the-year reflections.

Birthday leave

The best part of our leave rights is that you get to have all the time to yourself on your birthday.

Casual leave

You can even take a leave of absence when you just want to get some peace and quiet.

Personal Development Programs

We plan customized trainings for you to support your career.


You can receive training in workshops organized by our team members who are talented in their own fields like baglama, dubbing, theater., baglama, voice-over, and theater...

By the way, your leave requests are not subject to approval here. 🙂

Everyone at
PEAKUP can be on-screen

Rackworm, Coderunner, FileTrickster, Friday Talks and more… We share what we know with everyone and organize sustainable events. You are the ones who both learn and teach here!

Being a guest on Friday Talks is the ultimate duty of every PEAKUPer!

Every Friday at 16.00, the highly anticipated Friday Talks begins. We host special guests or talk about topics you want. When you see your name in the Almanac, you will for sure have a sweet smile on your face.

How do we work?

We work with a hybrid working model. We just cannot go without seeing each other's faces. We handle all our business and chat processes through Microsoft Teams. We are pretty sure that there is no other place that uses Teams as actively as we do.

We are always looking for new people that we are excited to meet, chat and work with. Feel free to say hi to us.

Our Office

Our 10 Principles