Teams and Cloud Storage – A Deep Insight

In the last week of our event we went to the beginning and thought about what more we can do on Teams while working from home and talked about the new features, Pop-out Chat being in the first place. Easy but important features like how we can filter our unread messages and notifications, how we can arrange our left navigation panel were among our event subjects. We also talked about the differences between opening Office apps on Teams/Online and opening it on desktop. We took a look at options like pinning for rapid accesspinning as a tab, installing the files we choose on the Files

We analyzed the notification settings on Teams Mobile app and talked about “receive mobile notification when Desktop app is not active” and pinning Chat/Channels to the frequently used. In the second part of our event we went into more details about accessing Version History. We talked about the storage space and technical differences between Chat and Channels. Saving an online only file from 1st and 2nd phase trash bins in what time and how when we delete it was one of our important topics.

Also, how to share a file without sending to Teams, having the files as only accessible when they are shared, limiting authority to edit and download were features that enable us to work in a safer environment. While we analyzed sending the files added to SharePoint Online to approval with “Request Sign-off” which was the last subject of our event, we showed how to access PowerAutomate templates in SharePoint 

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