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Microsoft Office 365 May Updates

Microsoft Office 365 May Updates

A New Meeting Experience with Microsoft Teams

Soon Microsoft Teams meeting will be opened in a separate window than the main Teams screen! Also the control bar on which turn off camera/mute, raise hand, chat, leave meeting options are found will be located on top of the screen. This way the meeting image on the background will not be blocked. The place of control bar was one one the features that got a lot of negative feedback.

And let’s not forget to mention that in the new meeting experience there are 9 3×3 screens instead of 2×2, with the raise hand feature you can send a visual signal that you have something to say and that we can upload our own backgrounds in addition to the recommended backgrounds.

Adding Online Meeting Option to All Meetings

Another feature coming to our online meetings is having the option of adding “Online” option to all meetings as default. When this feature is activated Outlook Web, Outlook Mobile (iOS and Android) Online meeting option will be added for all Teams and Skype for Business meetings. This feature is not compatible with 3rd Party online meeting applications. If users don’t activate this option, they will add the Online option manually each time they setup a meeting.

Chat and Meeting Between Teams and Skype Consumer

Skype Consumer and Teams working together is one of the most requested features. Finally users in the organization and Skype users can have a meeting and chat. This feature has been on External Access page of Teams Admin Center, now it will be available for active use.

With the “Pre-publish” option located on the right part of the SharePoint screen it will be possible for the page editors to analyze how page will look after being published and edit if necessary with the preview option before publishing.


Inviting Office 365 Group of Distribution List to Teams Meeting

It will be possible to invite everyone in a Teams team or Distribution List while setting up a new Teams meeting. This way groups/lists will be added as an individual or invitation will be sent to everyone in the group/ list. without setting up a meeting inside the channel.

Outlook Web – “Send later”

Soon it will be possible to send e-mails written on Outlook Web later with the “Send Later” option. This feature will come among the Outlook rules and it will be possible to apply this feature in mass.

Microsoft Stream Screen Recording

Finally screen recording is going to be available for Stream! Now it is possible to recorde a window or the whole screen and making it professional by adding microphone, sound and webcam options. You don’t need to download any applications, you can you use this feature with the latest versions of Edge or Chrome browsers. Main Page Layout is Changing

Now the layout of portal starts with the option to create a new document with “Start New”, and continues with a horizontal list of our most important applications. New portal is going to be symbolically moved to left vertically.


Background Policies in Teams Meetings

Now there is an update concerning Teams Admins. Soon we will be able to control new features like blurring or changing background by assigning user based policies. For example we can allow some users to add custom pictures and some to just blur. Policies will be under 4 main titles:

  • No filters are available.
  • Only background blur is available.
  • Background blur and default images will be available.
  • Everything is active: Background blur, adding custom images in addition to default images.

SharePoint Spaces Preview

SharePoint Spaces is a web-based platform, which lets you create structures, themes and backgrounds to which they can add web parts and that contain 3D objects, 360° images and videos, 2D images and texts. 3D results can be watched in the web browser or mixed-reality headset.