Banka Nakit Akışı Uygulaması

Bank Cash Flow Application;
allows you to see current balances and account activities on a single platform by connecting to accounting applications such as Mikro and Logo SAP. On the displayed screen, your financial data is filtered by bank, and it allows you to create custom reports. You will have all these operations with you whenever you need, on your mobile and all other devices through your internet browser.

With the Bank Cash Flow Application, you can access the latest status of all your banks in a very short time!

Company executives, accounting or finance departments need to check and analyze each bank's separate application and view individual accounts to control money flows. Making comparisons and checking each bank remains as a manual workload and takes your time.

Actions made with the bank cash flow application, current balances and reports in banks are managed through a single platform.

With your Bank Cash Flow application, you can see the cash flow in your banks (incoming and outgoing figures), tax or SSI payments deducted by banks or other institutions, customer or supplier information by filtering them by date or by desired criteria.

What Can You Do with the Bank Cash Flow Application?

It works integrated with commonly used accounting applications.

You can access all accounts instantly through a single platform.

You get to have an easy and comprehensive management with digitalized processes.

You can view deductions, payments, and supplier information on a single platform.

It works integrated with commonly used accounting applications.

You can access all accounts instantly through a single platform.

You get to have an easy and comprehensive management with digitalized processes.

You can view deductions, payments, and supplier information on a single platform.

With the actions executed through your Velocity Bank Cash Flow Application, the work flows that you need to get done manually are transferred to the digital environment.

Leave Management



The leave management app provides a smooth use to the employees and managers, and saves you from dealing with mail follow ups, excel documents and paper waste.

The HR departments make reporting easier by moving the leave management processes of the employees from manual to digital. Avoids potential data losses and prepares a followable management space.

Carry out your leave management processes easily with Velocity

The employees who manage the common work processes of different departments digitally with the intranet Velocity can create their leave requests without having to go to the Human Resources. Likewise, the human resources and department managers can manage the approval flow on the Velocity leave management. This way, the employee uses Velocity to take a day off and the time spent for leave processes is minimized.

Follow the off-days of your R&D employees with ease

Steps like the follow-up the remaining off-days of the employees, calculation of total number of remaining requests and the time R&D employees spent outside are calculated automatically within leave management. In storage and follow-up processes of the documents, the potential loss of data with critical importance is prevented, the leave information of employees is stored, and it is made sure that everything follows the leave policies.

Moving leave processes to digital contributes to sustainability

In this day and age, it is of great importance to integrate the “paperless office” concept to the workplace within the frame of digital transformation.

An employee wastes 10 thousand sheets of paper a year.

This time and paper waste mainly consists of the leave documents of the employees.

Moving your work processes to digital not only eases your workflows but also contributes to a sustainable workplace with its environmental approach.

Create your leave requests anytime you want on mobile devices

Your employees can access your leave management system through the mobile app, create a request whenever and wherever they want, and view reports. With the ability to filter by request status and type, the request is sent to the predefined manager’s approval and all the workflows can be managed efficiently through the mobile app.

Contract Management Application

Velocity Contract Management Application helps you move all processes of a contract, like forwarding a contract to the right person at the right time, archiving the document, management of termination, renewal conditions, etc., to the digital environment.

Move to the digital environment with the Contract Management Application, prevent paper waste, and support sustainability.

A user-friendly interface is used to follow and manage retrospective department contracts, supplier management, budgets and stamp taxes, and thus, you can access the contracts digitally.

Scanned copies of many documents concerning which department deals with which supplier, the beginning and ending dates and many more, information concerning the authorized signatory, and legal documents are uploaded to the Contract Management Application. This way, you get to follow the contracts through a system that is easier to manage.

What Can You Do With The Velocity Contract Management Application?

Move all the workflows you manage manually in your company to the digital environment with the “Velocity Contract Management Application”.

Advance Payment Management

With the Velocity Advance Payment Management, the processes of departments like HR, accounting, and finance are moved to the digital environment and the employees can create their advance payment requests on their own.

The advance payment requests are sent to the managers with a variety of approval processes.

Relevant departments’ effort and paper consuming processes like looking for and finding a document and preparing a document manually are minimized.

Move your advance payment processes to the digital environment, prevent wasting papers and support sustainability

Using the Velocity advance payment application, you get to determine the amount of advance payment your employees will get.

Approval processes go through different departments like management, accounting, and finance as required by the nature of workflow and they get complete in different stages.

The advance payment requests of the employees are sent to the relevant departments, then they get approved and registered. This way all the reports and retrospective information get connected to an approval flow and they are followed and registered through the Velocity Advance Payment Application.

What Can You Do With the Velocity Advance Payment Management Application?

With the actions executed through your Velocity Advanced Payment application, the tasks you need to do manually get moved to the digital environment.

Meeting Management Application

Meeting Management Application

With the Meeting Management Application, meeting processes become automated and digitized. Eliminates the ambiguities in the meeting processes and enables employees to work more efficiently.

You manage the meeting application by creating certain rules, and elections get made according to the determined criteria. With this application, users can add their periodic meetings, and they can choose between the mandatory/optional users.

In addition, meeting times can be limited, and the relevant people can be alerted. Limiting meeting times is a precaution against long and endless meetings in order for employees to work more productively and efficiently.

With the Meeting Management Application, existing meetings can be listed, their details can be viewed, and a new meeting can be created.

You can view the available slots of the participants.

You can choose the mandatory/optional persons.

You can add periodic meetings.

You can determine the location of the meeting as a Teams meeting or by checking the availability of your meeting rooms.

Meeting times can be limited, and the relevant people can be alerted.

In meetings held on Teams, a one-question survey can be sent to the participants at the end of the meeting.

Restrictions may be made to not organize meetings for certain hours or on public holidays, or a warning may be given to the person concerned.

You can limit the number of participants for a meeting, or a warning can be given to the relevant person.

You can select the meeting type while organizing the meeting.

Plan your meetings easily, and manage them efficiently

Do not see your meetings as a waste of time. Accurate and well-organized meetings always help you work more productively and efficiently.

You can create your calendar and plans through the Web application, and you can also organize them from all Android and IOS mobile devices.

Meeting Planning and Reporting

With the Meeting Management Application, you can list current meetings and see their details, and you can create a new meeting. Determining meeting times by getting reports of times like days, weeks, months from the meeting data allows you to prepare more efficient working strategies for your business processes.

Desk Reservation Application

Desk Reservation Application

The Desk Reservation Application allows employees to reserve empty desks through a single panel according to the day they will come to their offices or the dates they want to come in a hybrid work model. The balance of the number of people in the offices is maintained according to the reserved desks and the need for a healthy working environment.

Manage your reservation processes through a single panel

Being able to make plans according to the reservation days of the team you want to work with according to your colleagues' schedules allows you to work productively and collaboratively.

Determine your hybrid working days yourselves, find the most suitable time and area for you, and plan your arrival times by making your reservation.

Desk Reservation;

• Helps you plan work weeks
• Makes the management of office capacity easier.
• Allows you to make reservations based on teams and regions.
• Your reservation gets to be made through authorized places.
• You can manage who can make a reservation and where they can make that reservation.
• You can manage the reservations of meeting rooms.

Make the most of your time

On the days you visit the office, you can reserve your workspaces for yourself or your teammates and plan your day perfectly.

NOA – EAMS Management

NOA - EAMS Management

NOA, which is much more than just
Employee Attendance Monitoring Management, allows you to monitor all your employees from a single screen in order to track their activities in different areas within the workplace, to inspect the working hours, to detect the time spent outside and to prevent unauthorized access.


Management Based on Data

Entry-exit times get recorded to support working processes. NOA digitalizes the entry and exit times of the remote-working days, and the work control, whether physical or digital, is managed based on data.

Digital Filiation

You can use the NOA data to minimize the contagion during the pandemic and other epidemics. In case of any disease, determine which days the sick employees have been in the office, which departments they have been in and out of, and most importantly, with whom they have been in the same place at the same time and take precautions for employee health.


Works Integratedly with Leave Management

By detecting the missing shift hours among the NOA records of all employees, facilitates the tracking of entry and exit controls, hours spent outside the office or time spent out of the office for work at specified time intervals.

R&D Center Management

Easily comply with many regulations such as working hours, time spent outside, remote working hours and assignment information, which must be kept in the R&D centers. Get instant access to all entry-exit data.


Cloud Based Structure

Entry and exit records are synchronized to the cloud through NOA. You can access your data safely anytime and anywhere you want.

HR Reports

HR managers can check the reports of all employees at any moment. They can access the data on employee’s work hours and shifts and the time they spent in the office.

Employee Portal

All the employees can monitor their entry-exit hours and shift durations on the basis of weeks and months.

Leave Management

An API can be used in the ERP system. You get to report the processes and reminders integrated with the leave management application, and R&D center permissions.


As an alternative to situations where cards cannot be scanned on the door entry system in the office, it allows employees to start and end work (Remote Check-in) via the application.


With the help of analyzes that have been reported, entrance-exit times, entrance-exit control of meeting rooms get to be managed based on data.


Allows you to let only those who have been given certain authorizations enter and exit through the doors opening to a certain area in a controlled manner.


Allows people's entry/exit details to be reported on the basis of date/time/personnel.


In order to support remote working processes, provides work supervision either physically or digitally with setups that can record entry-exit times.

Design your sustainable workplace with NOA

Power BI – IMS Reports

IMS Reports in Healthcare

In a market with thousands of different medicines, IMS reports, designed to show companies' market shares, are one of the most important measures of pharmaceutical companies.

These reports, which are viewed by everyone from sales representatives to regional managers, directors to general managers, turn into interactive and mobile charts with Microsoft Power BI. Companies can see these important reports in an easier, faster and customized way.


Effective IMS reporting with Power BI

With IMS reports, all the details needed on sales reports like budgets, actual figures and their share in the overall turnover can be viewed by regions.

Market Analysis

While sales representatives monitor their targets, managers can effectively analyze the market conditions across the entire organization and plan the necessary actions to become more competitive.


Get periodic reports and notifications

By automating IMS reports, you can receive end-of-day, weekly or monthly summary reports as e-mail notifications, visualize success rates according to the target criteria, and integrate with e-mail, MS Teams and many similar systems.

Abdi İbrahim IMS Reports

Abdi İbrahim, a company with a lot of data, was looking for a solution on how to read this data in a faster and more manageable way.

They wanted to gain insights specific to their company by visualizing the data and making the reports easily readable.

Developing the reporting needs of the Production, Sales, IT, Audit and HR departments with the data in SAP BW provided a solution for more functional management and reporting of all data.

Get insights specific to your company with IMS Reports!



Experience the future of your company's internal communication and collaboration with Velocity

Velocity, the versatile intranet solution developed to perfect teamwork in the digital world, simplifies your business processes and increases collaboration between teams.

Strengthen your communication,
And create your happy workplace culture!

More than 70% of employees work happier and more loyal in a work environment where company goals, values, target and operation are openly shared.

Velocity allows you to run communication through one single center.

You can customize the platform with dozens of application cards like LPPD, information security clarification texts, viewing payrolls, declarations that need to be approved by the employees, meetings, shared documents, new employees, and occupational health and safety announcements.

Rich Widget Catalogue

Let your portal content meet your needs completely with many alternatives you can choose from the widget catalogue. Have it with a single price without an initial budget, with monthly and annual payment options.  

  • My Meetings
  • Exchange Online Meeting Rooms
  • SharePoint & Teams Document Center
  • OneDrive Document Center
  • Advance Payment Management
  • HoDoor Door Entrance System
  • Leave Management
  • Announcements

    • Office Tips&Tricks
    • Birthdays
    • Food Menu
    • Employee Anniversaries
    • Phonebook
    • Service Timetable
    • Newcomers
    • Shortcuts with Enterprise Applications Icons
    • Stores & Branches
    • Special HTML Pages
    • + Any Content Widget that you will determine
  • Market Data
  • News
  • Current Traffic & Maps
  • Twitter
  • Weather Forecast
  • Annual Public Holidays
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Office Tips and Tricks

Setup in
1 hour!

Mobile friendly

Fast opening

Compatible design
for your brand identity!


Explore the perfect harmony of
Microsoft Teams and Velocity!

Velocity was chosen among the top 8 applications that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams, providing a perfect communication environment for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams users. Provides a chat-based work environment and common working area for document sharing and teamwork with the integrated intranet solution it offers. 

Relieve the workload of your departments with Velocity!

Velocity plays the role of a digital assistant for you to maximize the employee royalty on a platform with a better work environment and information integrity. Relieves the intense work processes of each department and employee, and provides a controlled management.

Human Resources

Velocity plays the role of a digital assistant for you to maximize the employee royalty on a platform with a better work environment and information integrity. Relieves the intense work processes of each department and employee, and provides a controlled management.

Information Technologies

Velocity is an intranet platform designed to reduce the workload on IT departments. Simplifies budget planning with monthly membership model. The global security infrastructure in Microsoft SharePoint Online keeps your company safe at all times.

Sales & Marketing

While the Marketing and Sales Departments share the success stories of the company, they can highlight the employees who achieve their goals on the platform. You can share marketing materials simultaneously with the whole company and ensure the integrity of information between teams.


It is a digital office network designed appropriately for your corporate culture and that provides communication within the company.
While the users with an Office 365 license can log in with the “Log in with Office 365” option, the users without a license can access the portal page with the “continue” option.
You can easily list your widgets, determine their size within the admin panel in the portal and customize it appropriately for your corporate identity.
Yes, it is a system that is open to integration.
Since Velocity is hosted on Azure, it has a fast-working and always up-to-date portal structure. Provides you with a flexible use with the ability to enrich your content with as many application cards as you want. With the extra improvement in SharePoint, you will need a technical expert or you will need to pay the extra costs. You can authorize your employees for Velocity, this way no one will have to deal with extra workload. On top of this, you will get free training and support concerning the updates.

Toyota strengthens their corporate communication with Velocity!

We talked about our intranet solution Velocity on Microsoft Teams, with the Field Application Examples of Toyota Turkey Plant’s employees in the “Sahanın Gücüyle Farklılaşmak (Becoming Different with the Power of the Field)” seminar.



Strengthen your signatures with SIGNandGO!

SIGNandGO provides a centralized email signature management to your company.

A signature banner designed with SIGNandGO increases brand awareness. With custom signature designs, you get to have digital business cards that reflect your brand identity.

Why is email signature management important for your company?

With SIGNandGO, an email signature solution, signatures get to have a more professional look. SIGNandGO helps you organize your corporate e-mail management centrally and makes the follow-up of HR departments easier. Thus, the signatures of the employees are always up-to-date and have a perfect design. Offers a cloud-based and advanced enterprise signature management that is powered by OWA and provides compatibility with Office 365 email signature. This way, you get to have an easy corporate e-mail management and all your signatures get to be flawless.

SIGNandGO works wonders with Office 365!​

Why are email signatures important to your brand?

Email signatures are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand. They determine the identity of your institution and strengthen its reputation. With SIGNandGO, you can create a compatible e-mail signature exclusive to a department or people and increase brand awareness with each e-mail you send.

What do your email signatures say about your company?

Your email signatures, made up of professional templates, reflect your brand. Information always stays up to date, while the signature management of your entire company gets carried out automatically. SignandGO creates a great impression for your company by boosting your brand awareness and overall sales while making your calls-to-action stand out in your email signatures.


Human Resources

Use a single interface to manage all the email signatures of all your employees.


Digital marketing

Make your announcements and promote your campaigns with e-mail signatures, increase your website’s traffic and manage your digital marketing processes.


Information Technologies

Instead of dealing with solutions that require server installation, provide a cloud-based centralized e-mail signature management. Create, assign and manage email signatures.


Corporate communication

Strengthen your brand and increase your brand’s awareness with signatures designed with SIGNandGO. Use your email signatures as your digital business cards.

Strengthen Your Brand with SIGNandGO

What can you with your e-mail signatures?

• You can promote your content like campaigns, notices, advertisements, and special day celebratory messages with images, gifs, and redirection links added to your e-mail signatures.

• Email signatures scheduled for specific dates automate the design of special days such as anniversaries or campaign periods.

• Thanks to its mobile compatibility, it also interacts with signatures on mobile devices.

• With the web-based structure, fast setup, and infrastructure it has, SIGNandGO provides team-specific management with signature control without being dependent on a single department.

• With the multi-language option, it offers you the chance to have a signature in the language you want.

“86% of marketing experts use their email signatures to announce their campaigns.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can import html signatures, design custom signatures with the editor or choose from the template gallery. Remember there are html design best practices for email clients like Outlook.

No, you can use the template library to select pre-created designs for your email signatures.


Yes, you can use SIGNandGo as fully SaaS with the cloud version if you're using Microsoft 365 or Exchange Online or hybrid environments Local Exchange Server with Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) or Local Microsoft Exchange Server with local Active Directory.

Yes. you can use different email signatures with language and design while sending emails to different regions by using taxonomies or policies.
Yes, you can create different e-mail signatures for different departments and also use different e-mail signature variations for internal/external emails.

You can get SIGNandGO in three ways, directly from this site, using your existing Microsoft CSP partner or Microsoft Appsource.