With the Velocity Advance Payment Management, the processes of departments like HR, accounting, and finance are moved to the digital environment and the employees can create their advance payment requests on their own.

The advance payment requests are sent to the managers with a variety of approval processes.

Relevant departments’ effort and paper consuming processes like looking for and finding a document and preparing a document manually are minimized.


Move your advance payment processes to the digital environment, prevent wasting papers and support sustainability

Using the Velocity advance payment application, you get to determine the amount of advance payment your employees will get.

Approval processes go through different departments like management, accounting, and finance as required by the nature of workflow and they get complete in different stages.

The advance payment requests of the employees are sent to the relevant departments, then they get approved and registered. This way all the reports and retrospective information get connected to an approval flow and they are followed and registered through the Velocity Advance Payment Application.

What Can You Do With the Velocity Advance Payment Management Application?

You can determine the maximum and minimum amount of advance payment.
The employees can see the closest day they can request an advance payment for and the repayment options.
The advance payment processes of offices get turned into a digital form.
You can get the reports of the statistics. This way, you can divide the advance payment budgets and requests into different time periods and analyze them.
An easier and more comprehensive management is provided with the advance payment processes being moved to the digital environment.
The employees will not have to go through so many manual processes anymore and employee satisfaction will be increased.

With the actions executed through your Velocity Advanced Payment application, the tasks you need to do manually get moved to the digital environment.

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