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AI Builder: Part 1 – WHAT IS POSSIBLE? 

AI Builder: Part 1 – WHAT IS POSSIBLE? 

Boost Your Business Processes!  

AI Builder is an artificial intelligence service offered by Microsoft, designed to reduce the errors and time loss. AI builder can be used by all departments of your business. This service comes with a large number of trained artificial intelligence models. With these models, you can; 

  • Read business cards  
  • Identify texts  
  • Make predictions   
  • Detect and translate languages (using different Microsoft cloud services)  
  • Process documents  
  • Extract key phrases  
  • Categorize 
  • Detect objects  
  • Analyze the feelings of the other party from an incoming e-mail or message. 


By using predictive analytics for your organization’s Human Resources Department, you can evaluate the suitability of potential candidates for the job, predict the need for maintenance by monitoring the historical and production data of our production equipment, and ensure that the information in recipes or manually filled documents is sent to the areas you request to be transferred. 

In addition, for your finance/accounting department, the information on receipts and invoices can be automatically registered in a desired field and incoming invoices can be automatically saved in your database. In addition, with the identity recognition technology, the identification required for your department’s bank transactions can be filed automatically. More importantly, you can maximize security by precisely detecting the accuracy of incoming ID cards. 

We can separate and save complex folders into new files by naming them as desired according to the information in them. Not only that, it is also possible to be instantly informed about positive/negative comments about your company on social media. It is important to remember that Power Automate will be our biggest supporter to speed up business processes and minimize errors made by users. 

You can use existing models for these processes, or you may need to train custom models for your own system and data. So how can you train the model? You can use the existing service on the screen that appears after selecting the model, or you can start using it after specifying your table, data, text, visual fields specifically as you wish with the custom model option. The only thing you need to do for this is to match the fields you define with the visual/document or text fields. 

For example, if you want to detect an object, you will need to select the field you had defined in the first step in the image and match it that way, if the invoice information is to be scanned, you will need to teach it by matching the fields such as “product name”, “invoice name” that you have previously opened on the document.  If you are working for objects, you need to load a minimum of 15 sample data for each object while training the model, or a minimum of 5 sample invoices if you are working on invoices. You can see these criteria in writing during the training phase and you can improve the model performance by making the correct definitions with different scenarios that may occur thanks to these suggestions. 


Once the model training is complete and you see the model “accuracy score”, if you do not think there is an area that needs to be revisited, it is possible to publish it by performing the test. Afterwards, you can connect the model you have trained to Power Automate or Power Apps and analyze it within the application, you can fill in a form directly with the scanned information. 


Another important issue here is to set the definitions and triggers correctly and to foresee all possible ways the process can work. For this reason, a correct analysis will not cause repetition.  

Even if you cannot access real data to experiment with them, you can access the sample packages offered by Microsoft here and start working with sample data for object detection, prediction, category classification, document processing, business card scanner models.  

In this post, we talked about the AI Builder application that you can use in your business processes.  

Don’t forget to contact us for the flows you want to automate and all your processes you want to digitize!