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Whether they reside in common CMS environments such as WordPress or are developed internally or externally, your web applications deserve a modern architecture. With Azure Web Apps, you are one step away from scaling internationally without additional effort when it is necessary to provide your customers with a better service and ensure security.

Safe and Secure

With Azure Key Vault, ensure the security of the most critical objects such as tokens, certificates, passwords and API keys used in your applications.

Benefit from the Azure FrontDoor, Web Application Firewall resources for optimum load distribution of resources and rule-based access management, and secure your applications against threats such as SQL injection and DDOS attacks coming from inside and outside your company.


Build scalable, secure container architectures, distribute and manage your applications with geo-replication capabilities, and develop centralized deployment methods at the most affordable costs with Azure Kubernetes Services.

If you are using native application architectures, you can benefit from the Azure Kubernetes architecture integrated with Azure Arc and manage your resources from a single platform with a hybrid approach.


Monitor your web and mobile applications with detailed analytics. You can monitor your Azure Application Insights apps through different stages from DevOps pipelines to their behavior in the production environments, develop more efficient applications and create more satisfied customers.

Automatically integrate your monitoring alarms in your application architecture with the most common software development tools like Jira and speed up your development processes.


DevOps processes -one of the essentials in every step of your application lifecycle- are at your disposal in the most easily manageable way with Azure DevOps services. Meet the systematic application development infrastructures and their repos, pipeline structure and automated release cycles.

Make sure you supply your customers with the best tested quality version of your applications. Create release cycles based on approval flows and share responsibility with Azure DevOps services.

To get started with Azure Web App services, use the App Service Migration Tool to learn the conditions for modernizing your site and start enjoying a world-class application architecture. Take a look at the recommended steps for getting started with the Azure Web App architecture.

Migrate your infrastructure without having to apply any changes

Improve your security.

Support your infrastructure with the platform services that will make your operation easier.

Monitor, iterate and improve your performance with better services.