Employee experience is the totality of the interactions of employees in a workplace with their work, the work environment and the company. 

This experience is shaped by the impressions, emotions and perceptions that an employee gains during their time at work. A positive employee experience brings with it a number of benefits, which often impact employee engagement, productivity and, indirectly, company profitability. 

Engagement refers to the employee’s strong sense of commitment and loyalty to the company. A positive employee experience increases employee satisfaction with their work, which builds long-term loyalty. Engaged employees serve their companies longer and generally perform at a higher level. 


Productivity is related to the employee’s ability to perform their job tasks effectively. A positive employee experience boosts employee motivation and energy, which positively impacts productivity. A good working environment, supportive leadership and effective work processes can help employees perform at their best. 


However, employees may not be fully committed to their roles if they feel the employee experience is better elsewhere. This is an issue that can be overcome by ensuring that employee expectations are met from the hiring process onwards, with open communication channels and opportunities for continuous development. 

This requires companies to not only focus on recruitment, but also to continually strive to retain existing employees. 


This is where I would like to share 6 effective ways in which continuous effort is needed and that can help you improve the employee experience.  

Improve onboarding processes: The onboarding process is critical for a new employee. This process enables the new employee to understand the company culture, grasp business processes and communicate with teammates. Improving the onboarding process allows the employee to adapt more quickly and get used to the job quickly. 


Give and receive feedback: Employees should receive feedback on how they are performing in their work. This should include positive and constructive feedback on a range of topics, from achievements to learning opportunities. Employees should also be encouraged to share their thoughts and managers should value their opinions.  


Offer Up-to-date and Advanced Technology: It is important to use technological solutions to make business processes more efficient. Automation, data analytics and other modern technological tools can help employees do their jobs more effectively. This, in turn, would improve both employee satisfaction and the overall performance of the company.


Use Digital Communication Channels: Communication is the foundation of a healthy work environment. Digital communication tools can support fast and effective communication between teams. Video conferencing, instant messaging, an internal intranet and other digital communication channels can strengthen communication between all teams, but also between teams working remotely. 


Provide Opportunities for Learning and Development: Employees may want to develop their careers and acquire new skills. Companies should support their team members’ personal and professional growth by providing continuous learning and development opportunities. Resources such as training programs and mentoring should contribute to employee development. 


New Generation of Fringe Benefits: Employees’ expectations and needs change over time. Companies can provide a more engaging experience for their employees by offering next-generation benefits such as flexible working hours, telecommuting opportunities, wellness programs, etc. This can help employees stay more engaged and contribute to their companies for longer. 


These six effective strategies can build a strong foundation for strengthening the employee experience and making an effective contribution to the long-term success of the company. You can use Velocity to manage your business processes faster and more effectively, not only to hire new employees but also to improve the satisfaction of existing employees. Velocity will contribute your company to achieve a more competitive and sustainable success with a strong employee experience and optimized business processes. 

What is CoE (Center of Excellence) Starter Kit?



Have you been working with Power Platform technologies for a while and are now having a hard time keeping track of your applications?

Did you know that there is a tool that allows you to control all your applications, developer accounts, security rules, database, reporting, and determine your next strategies?


What is CoE Starter Kit?


Center of Excellence is a tool designed to control the Power Platform network within the company and increase efficiency.


Center of Excellence is basically designed to encourage innovation and improvement.

CoE is a hub of multiple tools to support your company’s strategy for adopting and using Microsoft Power Platform technologies.


How do we start using the CoE Starter Kit?


Set up the CoE Starter Kit – Power Platform , Microsoft Learn has all the steps to set up the CoE Starter Kit. You can do the installation by following the steps at this address. In the meantime, we recommend that you install from an account with admin privileges and get support from your IT specialist.


  • Once you have installed it, you can open the Power BI panel from CoE Starter Kit and access all the applications, environments, flows, etc. developed within the company.

When you complete the relevant settings, the following administration panel will be displayed.

  • You can change the owners of the applications developed by the employees who have left the company and make your old applications functional again.
  • You can determine your security strategy and ensure that people in the environment are assigned to the necessary roles.
  • You can perform license optimization.
  • You can develop a strategy to take your application developers to the next level and increase development with internal events to motivate new developers.
  • You can prepare a welcome content for new users in your environments.

Maker Welcome

  • With weekly summary reports, you can keep system administrators up to date about usage information in the environment.

Usage Insight

  • You can manage your data policies and prevent data loss or private data sharing.

Manage Change with Power Apps for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability means meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Developing sustainable practices is crucial when it comes to addressing climate change, reducing environmental pollution and building a more fair and sustainable world.
Sustainable business practices encourage innovation and create new opportunities for economic growth. They enable companies to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging trends.
Power Apps is a platform that allows users to create custom applications and workflows that meet their organization’s specific needs, making it a flexible and customizable solution for sustainability initiatives.
This platform allows users to quickly create customized business applications, enabling solution-oriented and sustainable steps to be taken in the field in a short time, aiming to positively impact the environment, society and economy.

In this regard, there are several ways to support Power Apps’ sustainability goals:

  • Data Monitoring and Reporting: Power Apps saves time with its data tracking and reporting capabilities and sustainability performance. Offers the opportunity for efficient planning by creating applications for tracking environmental impacts, energy consumption, waste amount and other sustainability indicators.
  • Productivity and Working Without Paper: Power Apps increases efficiency by reducing paper usage and optimizing digital processes. Digitizing forms, approval flows and other processes reduces paper consumption and thus helps conserve resources.
  • Energy and Resource Savings: Digitizing and automating business processes with Power Apps reduces energy and resource use. For example, by using automated data integration instead of manual data entry, you get to save time and energy.
  • Increasing Sustainability Awareness: Power Apps can be used to increase employee and user awareness of sustainability goals. For example, you can develop training or awareness applications.


So where are we at with Power Apps and sustainability?

Let’s take a look at the applications we have developed and see for ourselves.

  • Our Field Visit Application: Provides sustainability advantages for our colleagues who take an active role in the field in terms of using time efficiently, preventing paper waste, fast reporting, and using data in more than one area.
  • Inventory Application: Supports sustainability with its user-friendly interface design, where all end-to-end inventories within the organization are recorded, at the same time, the embezzled inventories are displayed, the inventory is assigned to the employee, detailed tracking of the inventory status is provided, and while performing all these operations, it can be run on all devices, including mobile devices, and accelerates the processes while alleviating the workload on the person or department.
  • Our IT Helpdesk Application: Provides communication between departments through the chat within the application, taking into account time, energy and resource savings, and also provides great support in accessibility and communication issues by tracking the status of the opened request, adding documents to the request and keeping it hidden.
  • Our Flows: We can customize and integrate the notification of our special days, birthdays of our colleagues, current exchange rate values, multi-approved workflows, reading invoices/documents etc. from websites and outputting them to the specified source to many platforms, while saving manpower, reducing the workload with sustainable flows and saving time.


Combining sustainability practices with the power of Power Apps accelerates innovative and meaningful change in organizations of all sizes. With a variety of features and tools at your fingertips, we combine our apps with your dreams to build a better and more sustainable future.


For over 30 years, The Legal 500 has been analyzing law firms and in-house counsel around the world to identify the world’s ‘Most Effective and Best Legal Counsel’.

In recent years, many companies have experienced a rise in their in-house numbers as they recognize the potential value that can be derived from their legal departments and the importance of nurturing internal expertise. Since 2013, The Legal 500 has played a vital role in acknowledging and honoring the in-house lawyers who actively propel businesses forward.

The GC Powerlist comprises a range of publications, events, and networking opportunities specifically designed to showcase the most influential in-house lawyers and legal teams operating within today’s business landscape.

Law firm partners and in-house counsel are cordially invited to nominate exceptional in-house lawyers who have demonstrated instrumental contributions in the following areas:

  • Effectively influencing or shaping opinions within their respective companies or industries.
  • Developing ingenious technical solutions to tackle complex issues.
  • Establishing innovative structures that enable the in-house function to drive business outcomes.
  • Providing a business working model that serves as a benchmark for other corporate counsel to follow.

As PEAKUP, we are proud to announce that our legal counsel, Attorney Demet Ceylan Demircan, has been selected among the most influential legal counsels in the Legal 500 2023 list and included in the GC Powerlist. We wish her many successes. 💼🌟


The E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program aims to develop Turkey’s informatics and sub-sectors, encourage innovation and create regional and global unicorns that can compete in international markets. The E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program, which includes new support elements specific to the IT sector, has been designed to support companies with high added value in all IT and sub-sectors.

✓ Moving away from the focus on brands, IT sector services/products have been placed at the center of the support model.

✓ The inclusion and pre-examination processes of companies and the criteria for inclusion have been revised in line with the dynamics of the IT sector.

✓ In order for companies to strengthen their corporate capacities and grow abroad within a strategic plan, an annual strategic business plan has been made mandatory and service procurement for this purpose has been included in the scope of support.

✓ An annual monitoring and evaluation system was introduced to monitor the effective and efficient use of the support.

PEAKUP has been the 15th company to be accepted to E-Turquality.

🚀 We would like to thank our entire team for being with us in achieving this great success. 🙌 We are proud to join the E-Turquality program and will continue to be Turkey’s rising star in technology.


Automating business processes is extremely important when it comes to increasing efficiency and saving time. Therefore, automating your business processes using Power Apps can boost your business’ competitive advantage. In this post, I will talk about 5 Power Apps applications that you can create to automate your business processes. Let’s take a look!

Recruitment Application: You can help your business save time and money by automating the process of hiring new staff. This app covers everything from posting recruitment ads, reviewing and evaluating CVs, scheduling interviews and making the hiring decision.

Field Operations Application:
This application is designed to facilitate and accelerate the work processes of field operations personnel. It enables staff to access and update customer information and order details while working in the field.

Sales Management Application:
Designed to make the customer management and sales process more effective for sales teams. This app allows you to track and manage customer information and sales opportunities.

Business Analytics Application: You can use this app to collect, analyze and report your business data. This app will help you monitor your business performance and make decisions.

Employee Operations Application: This app will help you improve the efficiency of your business by automating your employees’ processes. For example, this app will allow you to manage your staff’s leave requests, conduct performance evaluations, and streamline reporting. 

Power Apps

Power Apps is a powerful platform that helps businesses automate their business processes and make them more efficient. The five app ideas mentioned above are designed to address the different needs of businesses and can be easily created using Power Apps.

Implementing these apps in your business will help automate business processes and make them more efficient, fast and error-free. In addition, the use of these apps saves your staff time by preventing them from wasting more time and energy.

Finally, building such applications using Power Apps does not require programming knowledge. Therefore, even a non-technical business owner can benefit from Power Apps to automate business processes.

If you would like to get Power Apps consultancy from us, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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PEAKUP, operating in the technology sector, once again drew attention with the importance and value they attach to their employees. At the in-person award ceremony organized by Great Place to Work, PEAKUP achieved a great success by taking its place among the Best Employers.

The Great Place to Work Certificate is given to ensure a culture of trust within the company and as an indicator of employee satisfaction. PEAKUP has succeeded in winning this certificate for the fourth time in a row thanks to the high satisfaction of their employees and the environment of trust within the company. PEAKUP also received the Best Employer Award and has established an important place as an employer brand.

In this year’s evaluations, the opportunities and motivational practices offered by PEAKUP to their employees had a great impact. The loyalty and happiness of the employees to the company has been one of the main pillars of PEAKUP’s success.

PEAKUP, where internal motivation and trust are high, offers many different projects and opportunities for employees. Game machines, recreation areas and specially decorated spaces in a modern and fun working environment ensure that employees can work comfortably. In addition, personal development trainings, flexible benefits, financial support and career development opportunities increase employee motivation.

The secret of PEAKUP’s success lies in making people-oriented decisions and prioritizing the happiness of the employees. Ahmet Toprakçı, the CEO of the company, emphasizes that a great teamwork is behind this success. Ahmet Toprakçı states that the company’s growth and success graph is shaped by the support and trust of the employees. He also states that PEAKUP’s understanding of quality and happiness in the services and products the company offers to their customers has also contributed to this success.

With this significant achievement, PEAKUP has reinforced their leading position in the sector as an employer brand. It is foreseen that PEAKUP will continue to grow and develop in the coming periods with the importance they attach to the satisfaction of their employees and the environment of trust within the company.

PEAKUP will continue to make their employees feel valued and increase their motivation. The success story of the company is written together with the success story of the employees. As the PEAKUP family, we would like to thank all our employees who contributed to us winning this award and we are proud of them. We believe that we will achieve many more successes together!

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In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s essential to have an efficient intranet that can keep up with the demands of your organization. An intranet is a private, secure network that enables your employees to communicate and collaborate on projects, access important files and documents, and share valuable information. However, many organizations are still using outdated intranets that are slow, clunky, and difficult to use.
velocity intranet

Understanding the Importance of an Efficient Intranet

An effective intranet can have a significant impact on your organization’s productivity, efficiency, and bottom line. It can improve communication and collaboration, streamline workflows, and provide access to critical information and resources. Intranets have become an integral part of modern businesses, and it’s crucial to have the right solution in place.

The role of intranet in modern businesses

With more and more organizations embracing remote work and distributed teams, the need for a robust intranet has become even more critical. An intranet provides a centralized location where employees can access important information and collaborate with each other, regardless of their location. It also fosters a sense of connectivity and camaraderie among team members, which is essential for a thriving organizational culture.

For example, imagine you have a team of designers working on a new project. With an efficient intranet, they can share their work, discuss ideas, and provide feedback in real-time. This level of collaboration not only improves the quality of the final product but also saves time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple meetings and emails.

Common challenges faced by organizations with outdated intranets

Unfortunately, many organizations still rely on outdated intranets that are no longer fit for purpose. These legacy systems are slow, difficult to use, and lack key features that modern businesses need. They also pose security risks, which can put sensitive data and confidential information at risk.

For instance, an outdated intranet may not have the necessary security protocols in place to protect against cyber threats. This can result in data breaches, which can be costly and damaging to an organization’s reputation. Additionally, outdated intranets may not be compatible with mobile devices, making it difficult for employees to access important information while on the go.

Some of the common challenges faced by organizations with outdated intranets include:

Limited functionality and features: Outdated intranets may lack key features that modern businesses need, such as social collaboration tools, document management systems, and project management tools.

Poor user experience and interface: Legacy systems may have a clunky interface and be difficult to navigate, which can lead to frustration and decreased productivity.

Inability to integrate with other tools and systems: An intranet that can’t integrate with other tools and systems can result in duplication of effort and decreased efficiency.

Lack of mobile compatibility: With more and more employees working remotely or on the go, it’s important for an intranet to be accessible on mobile devices.

Slow load times and frequent crashes: Outdated intranets may be slow to load and prone to crashes, which can lead to lost productivity and frustration.

Security concerns and data breaches: Legacy systems may not have the necessary security protocols in place to protect against cyber threats, which can put sensitive data and confidential information at risk.


By investing in an efficient and modern intranet solution, organizations can overcome these challenges and reap the benefits of improved communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Introducing Velocity: The Ultimate Intranet Solution

Velocity is the ultimate intranet solution that provides everything your organization needs to accelerate its workflow, streamline communication and collaboration, and boost productivity. It’s a modern, user-friendly, and highly customizable platform that can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Key features of Velocity

Velocity comes with a wide range of features that are designed to improve your organization’s communication, collaboration, and productivity. Some of the key features include:

  • Secure access and permissions settings
  • Customizable user interface and branding
  • Robust search functionality
  • Instant messaging and group chat
  • Task and project management tools
  • Integration with other productivity tools and systems

But that’s not all. Velocity also offers:

Employee Directory

Velocity’s employee directory makes it easy to find and connect with colleagues across your organization. You can search by name, department, or job title, and view employees’ contact information and profile details. This feature makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and build stronger working relationships.

News and Announcements

Keep your employees in the loop with Velocity’s news and announcements feature. You can share company updates, industry news, and other important information with your team in real-time. This feature helps to keep everyone informed and engaged, and ensures that your organization is always moving forward.

Document Management

With Velocity’s document management feature, you can store, organize, and share files with ease. You can create folders and subfolders to keep your files organized, and set permissions to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information. This feature streamlines your document management process and ensures that everyone has access to the latest versions of important documents.

How Velocity stands out from other intranet solutions

What sets Velocity apart from other intranet solutions is its flexibility and scalability. It can be easily customized to fit your organization’s specific needs, regardless of its size or industry. It’s also highly intuitive and easy to use, which means your employees won’t need extensive training to get up and running.

Velocity is also cloud-based, which means you don’t have to worry about maintaining hardware or ensuring the software is up-to-date. It also provides regular updates and improvements to ensure you always have access to the latest features and functionality.

Mobile App

Velocity’s mobile app allows your employees to stay connected and productive on-the-go. They can access important documents, collaborate with colleagues, and stay up-to-date with company news and announcements from their mobile devices. This feature ensures that your team can work from anywhere, at any time, without missing a beat.

Analytics and Reporting

Velocity’s analytics and reporting feature provides valuable insights into your organization’s intranet usage. You can track user activity, measure engagement, and identify areas for improvement. This feature helps you to optimize your intranet and ensure that it’s meeting the needs of your organization.

With all of these features and more, Velocity is the ultimate intranet solution for organizations that want to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your team!

Streamlining Communication and Collaboration with Velocity

Velocity is a powerful tool that can help your business streamline communication and collaboration among your employees. By providing a centralized location where your employees can access important information, collaborate on projects, and share ideas, Velocity can help increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

Enhancing team communication

One of the key features of Velocity is its instant messaging and group chat functionality. This allows your employees to communicate in real-time, which can be especially valuable when working on time-sensitive projects or when quick decisions need to be made. With Velocity, your employees can easily share information, ask questions, and get the answers they need to keep projects moving forward.

Additionally, Velocity’s chat functionality allows employees to create private channels for specific teams or projects. This can help keep conversations organized and ensure that the right people are included in important discussions.

Facilitating seamless collaboration on projects

Velocity also provides robust task and project management tools that enable your teams to work together seamlessly. Employees can create tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and communicate with each other within the platform. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and that projects are completed on time and within budget.

With Velocity, employees can also easily track the progress of tasks and projects, which can help identify potential roadblocks or issues before they become major problems. This can help your business stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions.

Integrating with popular productivity tools

Another key advantage of Velocity is its ability to integrate with other popular productivity tools such as Microsoft Office. This means your employees can access the apps and tools they need directly from Velocity, making it easier to stay productive and efficient.

For example, if your team is working on a document in Microsoft Word, they can easily upload it to Velocity and collaborate on it with other team members. Overall, Velocity is an essential tool for any business that wants to improve communication and collaboration among its employees. By providing a centralized location for important information and tools, Velocity can help increase productivity, efficiency, and overall business success.

Customizing Velocity to Fit Your Organization’s Needs

Velocity is highly customizable, which means you can tailor it to fit your organization’s specific needs and requirements. This includes personalizing the user interface, configuring access and permissions, and implementing custom workflows and automations.

Personalizing the user interface

Velocity allows you to customize the user interface to match your organization’s branding and style. This can help foster a sense of ownership and pride among your employees, which can lead to increased engagement and productivity.

Configuring access and permissions

Velocity provides granular access and permissions settings, which means you can control who has access to specific files, documents, and features. This can help ensure your sensitive data and confidential information is protected at all times.

Implementing custom workflows and automations

Velocity also allows you to create custom workflows and automations that can help streamline your organization’s processes. This can help you save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

Ensuring Data Security and Compliance with Velocity

One of the biggest concerns for organizations is ensuring the security of their data and compliance with regulations. Velocity provides robust security features that can help ensure your data is protected at all times.

Robust security features

Velocity provides enterprise-level security features, including encrypted data, secure authentication, and access controls. It also provides regular security updates and assessments to help ensure your data is always protected.

Compliance with industry standards and regulations

Velocity is designed to comply with industry standards and regulations, including ISO 27001. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your data is safe and compliant at all times.


Velocity is the ultimate intranet solution that can help accelerate your organization’s workflow, streamline communication and collaboration, and boost productivity. Its robust features, flexibility, and scalability make it the perfect choice for modern businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Contact us today to learn more about Velocity and how it can help your organization reach its full potential.

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Abdi İbrahim Power BI Success Story

During the consultancy processes we carried out with Abdi İbrahim, we conducted various projects so that they can visualize the data they have and present it to their users accurately.

With our knowledge and experience in Power BI, we continue to support Abdi İbrahim with the right solution for their reporting needs.

Balparmak Office Training Success Story

We carried out our Microsoft Excel trainings with Balparmak to support the improvement of their employees and to make their work processes easier. We continue to support Balparmak in the trainings we provide with our knowledge and experience in Microsoft Office programs, both to increase the knowledge of their employees in their careers and to facilitate their business processes. Listen to the privileges of Microsoft Excel from Balparmak in our success story.