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Working in a secure, fast, and productive way has always been an important topic that should not be ignored by neither the employees nor the companies. According to The Global Risk 2020 report -which is prepared by the World Economic Forum every year- cyber attacks are in the first 5 risks group in the world. As long as the companies that digitalize and adapt to new technologies do not take the necessary infrastructure security measurements, the cyber attacks become inevitable. Companies need to be supported with trainings in addition to helpful solutions in order to maximize the security of both their infrastructure and employees’ accounts and to take actions consciously.


View a Dynamic Address on a Map- Map Component

Here is Power Apps with this features again! Now it is possible to view a dynamic address on a map with the Map Component.

Address Input

The Address Input item converts information we write in it like street, district, door no, latitude, and longitude into an address row.

An item makes an address easier to write or find on the map correctly.

To use Address input, go to the Insert tab, click Input and choose Address input from the list that opens up.

Old* Map Creating Methods

In the recent years, the Image item was used to watch an address on the map.

We used to write formulas in the Image item and created artificial maps. This formula has parameters like longitude and latitude, and name of the point, the color of the point indicator, and map zoom. And sometime it didn’t give stable results.

You can add api connections from maps like Google maps/Bing maps to the applications depending on your needs.

New* Map Component

Map component was one of the awaited features in the Power Apps updates.

Now a real map experience will be lived with the Map item. The features windows on the left can be used for features like longitude and latitude, and name of the point, the color of the point indicator, and map zoom.

You can click Media in the Insert tab and add the Map item from the list in order to use it.


In order to use the Map item, you need to activate Geospatial services (preview) through Admin Center–>Settings–>Product–>Features.

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Association for the Protection of Reproductive Health Symposium

The 3-day symposium of the Association for the Protection of Reproductive Health took place with 626 participants from 49 countries, 19 speakers from 8 countries and 7 moderators. We have completed the first online international congress that we undertook the publishing and production of as a first in Turkey.

We kindly thank everybody for their efforts.

A News – KadirCan Toprakçı

We talked about the Nova Platform with A News team at out office. You can watch the program where we shared our opinions on how you can have a digital office environment with Nova.