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What to Be Careful About In Online Interviews

What to Be Careful About In Online Interviews

With the restriction of socializing in the whole world, the human resources recruitment strategies will change significantly. So, how are we going to adjust ourselves to this?

As you know recruitment professionals carry the interviews online just like the other meetings in the work life. Let’s take a look at what to be careful about in online interviews, and the pros and cons of online interviews together. We should keep in mind that just like we get prepared before we go to a face-to-face interview, we should do the same before an online interview.

My first impression is that colors, outfit and body language make up the 55% and speech, tone of voice and emphasis make up 38%, and words and statements make up the 7%. Thus the first thing to draw attention in an online meeting would be our outfit and stance. Even though it is digital, we are going through a job interview so we should be professional. So, for that very reason, we should sit up straight and look at the camera while speaking. This way you will be making an eye contact. Dressing up suitable for the interview will give you confidence. Instead of wearing a shirt and a blouse only, don’t forget to wear a skirt or pants as well as a whole.

Don’t forget to adjust your camera before the interview. A good lighting and angle make a difference. Also having a simple and plain background will bring you into the forefront. If you are not going to be alone at home, you can let the others know that you will be in an online interview. Muting your cell phone is another part of the attention you pay.

The candidates having their resumes with themselves during the interview can be beneficial. There might me something that we forget or miss out on because of excitement. By this means, we can express ourselves more clearly. Likewise, we should not forget to smile as well. While answering the question it is important to be brief, clear and understandable. When the meeting ends we can make sure that the online interview is over and breathe a sigh of relief.

Before going through all these steps you can make a rehearsal with a friend. You can test sound and video system of your computer and your internet. You will have done the first preparation by being cautious in advance.


  • It is more favorable financially compared to face-to-face interviews. You can save time expenses like transportation.
  • Participation rate is higher than face-to-face interviews.
  • It is easier during the recruitment processes. Being outside of town is not a problem for the second interview.
  • As recruitment experts we don’t have to print out candidate’s resume, thus we prevent waste of paper. It is easier to share notes we took on digital with the related persons.



  • You can come across technical problems like connection issues, lack of audio or video. While it increases our stress level, it also decreases time spared for us.
  • Most people might stress out in front of the camera and look more stressed than they really are. Recruitment experts carrying out the interview should be evaluating this situation well.
  • Using less body language like hand shaking, hand gestures etc. than face-to-face interviews.Unfortunately we cannot highlight our body language in these interviews.

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