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Velocity is Among the Top 8 Applications in the World / Hürriyet

Velocity is Among the Top 8 Applications in the World / Hürriyet

Digital workplace platform Velocity, developed by PEAKUP, was chosen as one of the top 8 applications in the world. Velocity that has been chosen among thousands of apps uploaded to Microsoft Teams Store is the only Turkish application chosen. A lot of criteria from user-friendliness to prevalence were taken into consideration in the evaluation done by Microsoft Corp. that has its center in Seattle, USA.  

One of the top 8 application among all apps integrated to Microsoft Teams in global was evaluated as the strategic app that is believed to create highest amount of benefits, the app that has authority in digital marketing and the app that has the greatest potential to achieve global prevalence.

The notion of “digital workplace” that everybody is talking about gain more importance day by day in terms of the cloud services it contains, getting rid of geographical barriers with mobility and artificial intelligence apps and enabling access to information 24/7. Increasing employee commitment, making a difference in terms of working together and efficient, content/document management and facilitating work processes are among the most important goal of digital workplace applications. Velocity that has been developed in order to achieve these goals, claim to interaction between workers thanks to its collective structure and provide efficiency in the corporations.

The first step of adapting workers who are biased to working on digital platforms fast goes through intranet platforms. Intranet platform Velocity that digitalizes communication processes and makes the use as simple as possible, is one of the most helpful tools in the digitalization process of the companies.

Today Microsoft Teams that has 75 million daily single users and hosts 200 million meeting participants can be ingratiated with digital workplace platform Velocity. Velocity helps you to access a lot of information from your files to announcement, from LPPD to clarification texts and work procedures, from your documents to horoscope and service hours when used on Microsoft Teams. This way you can reach out to all your workers at the same time and at the same speed, and maintain your communication from one center.