Open your Reports with Report Filter Pages

Before we get started with the topic, I want to talk about PivotTables shortly. When we want to report from tables or lists, we usually start by creating a PivotTable. PivotTables helps us to create tables that we can customize without touching the main data at all. PivotTables enables us to execute actions like reporting, calculating, editing tables easily, formatting and filtering easily. And the topic we’ll talk about in this articles is Report Filter Pages.

In the example below, a PivotTable has been created from a list that containes data like Company Name, Personnel Name Surname. The column titles added to filter field in PivotTable Fields become criteria that can be filtered on the table and we filter with this information. In the sample PivotTable below, the City column has been added to the filters field. And the Personnel Name Surname and Company name columns has been added to the rows field. We will be doing city-based reporting through city-based filtering.

The Long Method

We can observe the change of the table one-by-one for each city chosen from the filter. We might not have some any problems while analyzing a few pages, but when we want to do reporting on more pages we usually don’t prefer this method.

Report Filter Pages

For the City criteria in the filter field, reports of each city will be quickly and practically opened with one click with the Report Filter Pages.

For this action, we click on the Options on the left of the Analyze tab in Ribbon after we add Filter to the PivotTable fields, and choose the Show Report Filter Pages from the list that opens. With this action, the City on the filter field is chosen. If there were a few more filtering criteria, we could choose the criteria based-on which we wanted to report.

Afterwards, the filtered versions of information of cities in all personnel makes sales is opened in different pages quickly.

In the page that’s been opened, we can see the City information. Since there are a lot of cities from A to Z, the cities that didn’t fit in are represented with …

Get practical reports with the Report Filter Pages.