Microsoft Outlook Spaces

In this article, we will be giving information about Microsoft Outlook Spaces, which hasn’t been officially announced yet. It seems like Outlook is going to be the bomb! I think it is pretty assertive concerning the whiteboard look, drag and leave experience, viewing different apps in one screen. But there is a detail in the video that I want you to pay attention to: we can view multiple projects in different whiteboards.

Microsoft is working on Microsoft Outlook Spaces, which is a project management tool that unites all documents. The address is going to be: but it is still under construction. WalkingCat -a famous Twitter account about leaks- have shared an online video concerning Outlook Space. If you want to follow this kind of leaks, you can follow WalkingCat on Twitter.
This new tool that can be accessed through Outlook web, makes it possible to organize and view different information of a certain project. It looks like a whiteboard where the user can pin different info from various Office 365 tools. I am already looking forward to Microsoft Outlook Spaces. 😎


Enabling Outlook Spaces


If you want to use Outlook Spaces right now, WalkingCat found a way to enable it a little early. You simply have to open up and go into the developer tools on your browser (press F12). From there, go to the Console tab on the developer tools, copy and paste the following code into the console, and hit enter:

localStorage.setItem("featureOverrides", "outlookSpaces-enabled")

After that, refresh your browser and you’ll be allowed to get started with Outlook Spaces by creating your first project:


If you want, you can try it by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Https://
  2. Open DevTools-> Application-> Storage-> LocalStorage on your web browse
  3. Add item: “featureOverrides“, value: “outlookSpaces-enabled”
  4. Refresh web browser


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