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Strengthen Your Communication with the Right Infrastructure

Strengthen Your Communication with the Right Infrastructure

During these times we see the world from a different window. When we look through this window, which companies are the ones that will maintain their strength, quality and economy? Actually, the answer is pretty simpleeach company that managed to play its role in digitalization well will be able to take advantage of the change. It is easy to be one of them by benefiting from the blessings of easy adaptation, practical and fast technological solutions. So, how can we do it and what are these applications? 

Velocity for Teams

Since strengthening communication with a right infrastructure is the most important thing, having Microsoft Teams and Velocity will be enough for you.  While Microsoft Teams, actively used chat-based teamwork platform with Over 70 million users,  shows its features from working on a shared file together to sharing ideas and socializingfrom doing group conferences to sharing meeting notes; using Velocity, Intranet Communication Portal, in your Teams gets ahead of all the other portals with its successful integration structure.  

Make tracking your work easier with hundreds of application cards  

Velocity enables the HR to give the most correct information about Carrier, Performance and all the procedures the most practical way possible while the announcements you make about LPPD, OHS and other topics reach out to all your workers and off day for birthday-advances can be created with work flow applicationon the same channel. Corners exported from external sources like weather forecast, exchange rates, news and twitter will enable you to get informed while staying in the portal. Velocity also supports integration to a lot of applications that are used by HR, Finance and other departments with the infrastructure it has. On top of that, with Velocity that you can customize however you want with its design suitable for the corporate identity, you create an amazing connection between your workers and the identity of your company.  

How Can you Access Velocity? 

When it comes to accessing the indispensable pair Velocity for Teams, let us tell you that it is very easy. There are tabs for Activity, Chat, Teams, Calendar, Files on the left navigation bar of Microsoft Teams Apps. When you search Velocity on Global Store on the Apps section below, it will appear on the corner you added the app on.  

Moreover, another amazing news for Velocity&Teams is that it is among the best 8 applications in the world in Global. Velocity was chosen among the first 8 applications in all the applications that can be integrated to Microsoft Teams in global. In the evaluation that has been conducted, the first 8 applications were identified and the statute they all have is the same.  

We would like to walk with you on your way to digitalization, to have the best application in global by planning an online demo.