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Remote Working and Digital Communication Summit

Remote Working and Digital Communication Summit

Our “Remote Working and Communication Summit” event where we talked about how to work more efficiently with online systems and did demos with the CIO Turkey team took place through a live event on Microsoft Teams.

Tracking the communication and workflow from one center, making everyone receive the announcements and information at the same time and speed enable unity of internal and external communication. Being able to organize and record live events and trainings within MS Teams, considering the pandemic, enable you to execute the face-to-face interviews online. You can make phone calls and have conferences and access a limitless number of users. Hence, you start digitizing your work processes through a more secure and easier platform. In this period of time where time and productivity is this valuable, MS Teams minimizes the time loss caused by communication flaws.

With CIO Turkey, we analyzed Microsoft Teams that enables migrating work places to online with the work life changing to remote working, maintaining conferences, events or meetings doesn’t matter where and its solutions that makes the work processes easier .

We kindly thank everyone who participated in the “Remote Working and Digital Communication Summit.”