With their Microsoft Platforms, PEAKUP provides advantages for companies while migrating to the cloud technologies

PEAKUP serves their customers with business intelligence solutions and their products that reach to the end users. And they are enhancing their global service field using Microsoft platforms.

PEAKUP helps companies migrate to the cloud technologies with the Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Teams and Power Apps platforms and develops corporate applications in business intelligence reports. PEAKUP also develops their own products on Microsoft platforms and exports them to the Middle Eastern, American, and European countries.

PEAKUP, that has many customers both in Turkey and globally, apart from giving consultancy services about Microsoft technologies, also works on extending the usage of the Microsoft Teams application.

PEAKUP Technologies CEO Ahmet Toprakçı pointed to the fact that Microsoft Teams has started to be used more especially during the pandemic and said: “Now the employees are working remotely. It is not a must for our developers to live in Istanbul, they can live anywhere in the world. And in such dynamics, companies need to reflect their work environment to the employees working remotely, and here we can talk about the importance of Microsoft Teams.” Toprakçı stated that they improve the services they provide for the companies with Microsoft platforms and that as a result of this they provide significant advantages to the companies.

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