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NOVA IoT Platform Online Press Launch

NOVA IoT Platform Online Press Launch

NOVA that is a completely domestic and national platform developed by Turkish Engineers in the PEAKUP technology laboratories has been introduced with an online press launch.

Brilliant Invention from Turkish Engineers: Now you can control an office with just one click

“Technology”, the lead actor of the changing world order, is digitalizing everything rapidly. Digitalization that has gotten even faster with the Covid-19 pandemic has surrounded us, so to speak. Our offices where we spend most of our time get their shares from this change as well. But most of us are still worried. The biggest question we have in our minds is if the precautions taken in the offices against pandemic are enough or what awaits people who work from home in the new order… Thanks to the IoT app developed in PEAKUP technology labs, an invention answering all these questions has been made. The era of minimum physical contact in the offices will begin with the IoT platform called NOVA.

Model of working from home that has been tried out for years but got faster with the pandemic is full of unknowns both for the employers and the employees. Even though some of the workers are back at their offices, the old way of working is going to change for sure. PEAKUP that develops technology for the offices of future with products like digital workplace platform Velocity, digital signature application Sign&Go and cyber security solution PassGate brought the IoT Platform NOVA into life, and integrated all these products to the same platform. NOVA that has been introduced by PEAKUP COO Kadircan Toprakçı and Head of Labs Emrah Uslu in the press conference held on Microsoft Teams, turns offices into safer environments, increases efficiency and  savings by minimizing physical contact.

Ahmet Toprakçı who gave the opening speech of the meeting stated that he is proud of the inventor team of NOVA and that their goal now is to export this domestic and national technology to the world. He also reported that their England office might sign a major agreement. Here are the merits of NOVA…

NOVA, welcomes at the office door

NOVA takes the lead starting from the entrance to the office. The biggest benefit is decreasing physical contact in the environment. You will not need to touch the door handle everyone touches, you will not need to touch the remote controller for ac or a button for lighting. Opening a door with fingerprint ends with NOVA as well. All these can be done with just one button on a mobile phone or on a computer screen. Taking someone’s temperature is going to be contact-free and in a risky situation the person is not going to be let in. Warning and guidance systems will kick in by detecting with heat detectors  if someone’s temperature gets high during the day and in which parts of the office this person walked around and with who he/she has been in contact with.

Regulates the air inside, prevents crowdedness 

Air density quality and calorific values in the environment are important values when it comes to the health and motivation of office workers. NOVA analyzes all the changes in the air and sends notifications to the system in an adverse condition. Traditional air conditioning systems don’t have any functions other than measuring the environment temperature and automatically turning on and off. NOVA, in addition to these, offers an automatic system management to optimize the conditions by tracking the environment conditions like sufficient lightning, density of carbon dioxide and similar gases, and air flow. System can take the decision of turning on and off in accordance with the conditions that can be defined. It warns the crowded areas by detecting the number people per square meter, plays a determining role in putting specific people into quarantine in cases of risk rather than shutting the whole office down. NOVA that detects people who have been in contact with the person with risk, analyzes and reports it, is the safest and most advanced way of keeping track.

Meetings are in control of NOVA 

While the digital meetings are becoming more efficient with the functions that Microsoft Teams offers to the workers, online meetings are being done in a shorter period of time and they are more target-driven. While physically it is not possible to have more than 3 meetings a day, the number triples when it comes to online meetings. On top of it, you don’t have to take notes thanks to being able to record the meetings as a video. The number of minutes of online meetings that were 900 million on March, 19 Monday had reached 4.1 billion minutes on April 29, Wednesday. The number of users increased to 75 million from 44 million in the same period of time. All these changes lead to serious expectations on both efficiency and security in physical meeting rooms.  NOVA, by means of the devices placed in the meeting rooms, measure the air quality, crowdedness, time management and organizes the room reservation in compliance with the social distance rules. While entrance of a risky amount of people to the meeting rooms is monitored by NOVA, safer and more target-driven meetings  from the meeting notes to the meeting statistics are possible via the mobile app.

Savings of 11 thousand dollars in a year increased the attention on the digital workplaces 

PEAKUP COO KadirCan Toprakçı who put emphasis on the fact that even though the offices are enhanced thanks to the advanced technologies, running the business on digital platforms is easier and more efficient  contrary to the popular belief said: “Even though the number of workers working at the office is pretty low right now, it is certain that it will increase over time. But it is estimated that around 30% of the workforce will be done from home a few days a week by the end of 2021 in the whole world. This rate right now is 3.6%. It is a must for the people who cannot  let go of working at the office to redesign their office with regards to the pandemic rules. This means extra costs for a business. NOVA makes the life of both the employers and the employees easier without the need of redesigning the office with its online and offline integration.

Toprakçı who mentioned that the demand for digital workplaces has increased 70% in 3 days with most companies changing to working from home because of corona virus pandemic commented: “A worker working from home provides the employer a saving of 11 thousand dollars a year in average. Interest of businesses that want to carry out the digitalization parallel with the pandemic in change management service given by PEAKUP has increased by 15 times on a monthly basis. This means that our country is going through change parallel with the world trends and that we are on good terms with technology at least as much as the other developed countries.