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Some People Like Working from Home

People who like working from home cannot imagine anything better than a day with their laptop any comfy clothes. Some workers might miss being at the office, their colleagues and chatting with them. Doesn’t matter if we like it or not, it seems like we will need to work remotely for a little longer because of the pandemic.

There a lot of recommendations about how to be productive and keep sane while working from home like “take a shower, don’t spend too much time on social media, if you have a pet walk it, don’t skip your lunch time.” So we compiled a few articles for you about how to create the workplace that will make working from home a fun and sustainable experience and how we can create a routine. Let’s be honest, we all have missed our office a lot.

Create a Sensory View

It has been proved that people who work in areas enriched with art, plants and more sensory stimulation work more efficiently. The minimum example we can give about this can be a family photo on your desk or pinboard. For this reason, to create a more sensory work environment for yourself, you can open some nature sounds if it is noisy around, adjust the temperature as you want, choose a shiny mug for your morning coffee, have an essential oil on your desk to keep one of your senses under control and make your environment green with plants. This way, you will eliminate the feelings that are unpleasant to you.

Take Good Care of Your Body 

Even though it sounds simple, working from home makes it easy to forget the basic needs of our body. When we don’t take regular breaks for our brain and body, it affects our health negatively. Yes, you probably had an ergonomic desk and chair at your office. One of your advantages being home rather than office is changing your position often. You can change to a sofa while sitting on a chair or sit on your yoga mat. Testing different positions will help you to find physical comfort faster.

Another thing to pay attention to is movement. You used public transportation while going to work and used to walk between 8.000-10.000 steps a day when you were going between meetings or even just for a coffee break. But now you can work out with your family and dance with your children for the time you spent going to work and coming from work. It would be fun.

Specify Stimulators to Start Working

It has been detected that during this pandemic, a lot of workers’ sleep schedules have been messed up and that they have a hard time adapting. So, specify some stimulators to work.  Things that have become a ritual while starting your day at the office like a cup of hot tea or a song that stimulates your senses will put you into action. One of the key parts is isolating yourself to keep focused after you take action. If you are a parent and your children are not going to follow these rules, you can ask for help from other individuals at home that remind us that life is mutual.

Don’t Forget to Socialize

While we were at work, we saw our families for a short time and now we get to spend really short time with our colleagues. Although we chat online during the day with online programs, we cannot do any activities together. For that, specify some time you can spend as happy hour. As an example to this, we as PEAKUP, keep doing our FridayTalks activity online which takes place every Friday at the end of our shift. We, as all workers, come together on Microsoft Teams with interesting, fun and informative topics. Of course we don’t forget about moving and work out together.

Keep your patience and motivation and don’t stop dreaming about the days we’ll come together, have a safe and healthy day at home.