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IoT platform Nova will pioneer contact-free working

IoT platform Nova will pioneer contact-free working

PEAKUP aims to pave the way for contact-free work in offices and factories by popularizing the usage of Nova, the IoT platfrom they’ve developed.

PEAKUP has developed a platform to make workers that are back to working continue their work contact-free. It is sated that Nova, 100% local IoT platform that was developed by Turkish engineers in PEAKUP technology labs, enables working contact-free in a lot of areas. This platform that detects if someone’s temperature goes up has a lot of features that enable controlling lights and ac without any contact as well as blocking the entrance of someone who doesn’t need to come to the office.

PEAKUP COO Kadircan Toprakçı stated that Nova is a smart management platform. He highlighted that they have a lot of different control scenarios. And expressed that they believe the platform will especially be important during the coronavirus pandemic to decrease contagion through contact. Toprakçı said that there is a perception as “IoT apps are usually products that SMEs cannot access”. He said they want to popularize this platform among SMEs too with an affordable price. Toprakçı said: “Even if it’s just a studio, how much the machines work and their efficiency is calculated with a simple app. With this platform, the efficiency of operators can be calculated as well.”

“Detects and reports the risks”

Toprakçı mentioned that Nova has other smart features than turning on and off through a mobile app. He continued: “It has automatic control mechanisms like turning the lights on when it is dark inside or turning the ac on when the carbon dioxide level is too high. It warns the overcrowded areas by detecting the number of people per square meter. It has a determining role in putting just the people in the risk group into quarantine rather than shutting down the whole office in case of a risk. Analyzed and reports the people who was contacted by the risky person”. Toprakçı stated that with this platform, you can take someone’s temperature contact-free as well and a person with a risk will not be let in and said: “If someone’s temperature goes up during the day, it will be detected with the heat detector and warning and guidance systems will activate by detecting where that person walked around in the office and who he/she had contact with.”

Toprakçı mentioned that it also enables to measure efficiency with artificial intelligence. He added:” It can detect workers that always take a break together. You can measure the time people spend outside. It can warn when a personnel goes into a restricted area in terms of occupational health and security. When someone’s temperature goes up entrance to the areas that person contacted can be blocked. Even before knowing if that person is sick or not.”

Nova was developed with open innovation

Kadircan Toprakçı said that Nova, that is the product of around a 2 year work, was developed with the open innovation method with their customers and said: “While we were developing, we learned this: For example, waking up chicken during the night is important in terms of efficiency. This platform enables you to wake your chicken up whenever you want with sensors.”