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13 Golden Rules with the Intranet Portal Velocity!

13 Golden Rules with the Intranet Portal Velocity!

One of the obligations that Covid-19 pandemic has brought along is remote working and adapting to this process. Many companies remained distant from the notions of digitalization, being a digital workplace and thus they were caught off their guard by this sudden change. The first step of being a digital work place to adapt to this process easily and fast goes through intranet platforms.

We will be talking about 13 steps to take with an intranet platform in order to work faster and more efficiently, motive your workers , and overcome  obstacles of remote working .

1- Make your workers gain more digital experience! 

You can start with intranet platforms to adapt your workers to digitization and gain their trust as a beginning. You can break their negative perspective to digitalization by making the adaptation process fun and fast. By this means, workers who experience digital platform can get rid of their biases against digitalization.

2- Don’t let remote working intimidate you 

While remote working was seen as a luxury before, it has become an obligation with the situation we are in. Students going through extraordinary situations like quarantine, and  workers who have been away from their social environment can face problems like depression and lack of motivation. One of the easiest way to prevent this is to bring your communication under a single roof with digital platforms. You can keep continuity of your communication by utilizing digital tools with your workers. This way you can eliminate the fear of work or education going wrong while remote working. Remote working fast and efficiently with correct strategies is as possible as working at the office.

3- Centralize Communication 

We have to prevent communication gap during the remote working and distance learning processes. Considering negative scenarios that might happen, there is a need for central communication channel with announcements, event calendar etc. where everyone can get informed fast at the same time. People who communicate centrally keep up with recent news and things that should be followed even while remote working.

4- Extend Your Corporate Culture

It is not easy to make employers accept or even love the corporate culture. Intranet portals play a helpful role at this point. Gamified work processes, fun activities, facilitated work tracking processes help to balance the workload of workers. By tracking their work well; they access the file, document or image they are looking for fast and save time. This way with happier employees and more organized work processes, you infuse your corporate culture.

5- Follow HR announcements through one single portal

One of the factors that makes HR departments happy is, without any doubt, intranet portals. Because there are a lot of topics like reaching out to each worker one by one, informing and expressing subjects like Law of Protection of Personal Data. And not to mention that there are a lot of questions to be answered… Thanks to the intranet platforms, HR can share all the legal, social and corporate processes with everyone through application cards. They can follow problems, motivation and issue of each worker easily by means of an organized and easily followed area.

6-Walk away from the intranet problems created with old infrastructures

A lot of companies are biased about intranet platforms because of features that need to be updated all the time, always paying extra fees because of user limit, needing consultancy and slow opening pages. They don’t want to be involved in processes that cause a lot of work and need follow-up all the time. At this point, you can get a ever-updated and fast intranet portal that has no user limits with Velocity that is not licensed and that uses cloud technologies in its infrastructure.


7- Take the extra workload off of your IT departments!

Making and tracking updates on intranet portals, especially the ones established with an old infrastructure model or by the company is seen as the work of IT departments. Getting external support or support from IT personnel within the company all the time on portals that are always updated is a burden in terms of both time and cost. Velocity constantly updates itself without the need for IT departments with the ready-made portal feature. That way, you get rid of the extra effort of an employee. 

8- Office 365 support 

Since you don’t have to have an Office 365 account, every single one of your workers can log in to the portal easily. Velocity supports logging in with Office 365 accounts and also with just a non-corporate e-mail account; also hybrid access is possible at the same time.

Velocity offers you a unique integration with the chat-based work place inside the intranet solution it offers for Office 365 and Microsoft Teams users.

 9- Velocity for Teams

Microsoft Teams is at the center of team work with over 75 million active users around the world. All the chats, meetings, files and applications can be accessed through one single work area. This way, you enable your teams to work faster and more efficiently together.

Velocity was chosen among the top 8 applications that can be integrated to Microsoft Teams in global with the evaluation done of all the applications. You can communicate and track your work easier with Velocity that you can access on Microsoft Teams. You communicate without any gaps not only in your work process but also with your teammates and managers through your social posts. Even though it is remote, you achieve a workplace with your workmates. You can reach your files, announcements, your documents, horoscope, service hours and another information within the application cards, and share your corporate communication and culture with all your employees simultaneously.

10- Application Cards 

The most important feature of intranet portals is that they have informative application cards. And you can add cards concerning anything you want. You can follow your work processes and social activities with a lot of cards like announcements, service hours, birthdays, files. Thanks to application cards, you don’t waste time searching for a file. All your documents are inside one application card, and you can access the document you are looking for anytime and anywhere you want.

You can facilitate following your intranet processes with the many application cards within one center.

11- Socializing

You can utilize your portal not only to follow your work processes, but also to socialize with your teammates and strengthen your communication. You can create areas where you can watch each other, recommend books, share photos or read horoscope.

12- Access you files and announcements all the time

You can log in to mobile-friendly Velocity wherever you are and whenever you want. Especially informing field workers about announcements made at the office, information, service hours, LPPD, clarification text and work procedures and updating them about all the news is a very achy process for most companies. Thanks to Velocity being mobile-friendly, your workers in different locations can follow your corporate agenda through one portal, access your files and documents instantly. Your files being transportable gets you out of a lot of crises in any negative condition.

13- Program your social isolation against Covid-19

Covid-19 process has brought a long a virus and its effects. You can follow what we should do during this process, what precautions to take, what precautions your company took etc. withing the Covid-19 app cars you have created in Velocity.

You can ensure communication within your company and with other companies concerning decision-making about Covid-19 precautions and make it a fast and informative environment.

You can especially take cautions that would minimize the social distance of your workers at the company entrance and exit and the dining hall. You can organize a shift system where less workers are at the office at the same time and arrange programs where people can follow service hours for a safer and more hygienic trip. This way, you get to start a fast and safe communication process. You can follow entrances and exists of your employees, detect an adverse condition early and take precautions. All thanks to your follow-up system.