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Information Technologies support application delivers user requests to the IT team in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Service and support requests, new user requests and all other IT-related questions and requests are created with easy access through Microsoft Teams.

Having to e-mail the support requests sent by IT, the number of these requests being really high and the lack of any follow-up mechanism cause processes that get to be overlooked and that cannot be followed!


The requests can now be forwarded through the application, and the requests submitted by the personnel are assigned to the relevant people and thus the process begins. This way, support requests are followed, extra workloads are taken from the IT departments and employee satisfaction is ensured.

You can categorize the requests - apart from the advanced filtering and search features- according to their types, and upload file attachments. You can manage the processes by examining the requests pending for your approval quickly and in detail.

With the Audit application, you can get answers to your questions like how much demand is on which employee, how much of these demands have been met, how long does it take for a person to resolve or close the demands they have.


With this application users can send their support requests to the IT team.


The IT team can assign this request to the relevant person, change the latest status of the requests, and send a confirmation e-mail to the end user. With the authorization and limitations, team members can assign these requests to themselves.


In addition to the advanced filtering and search feature, requests can also be categorized according to types, and file attachments and screenshots can be uploaded according to the request, or the problem experienced.


Processes can be managed with the analysis of requests pending for approval quickly and in detail. Follow-up of the status is carried out with relevant IT and user comments to the submitted requests.

Seeing statistical data through request reports is of great importance in measuring your team's performance and increasing your work efficiency. If the requests you receive stay open for three days, you can receive reminder notifications, so you can easily follow them up.

You can determine your strategies according to the reports you have by getting reports that can be filtered by weeks and months such as request opening rates by department, the most requested topic, the most days on which you receive the highest number of requests.

If you want to identify and manage your problems quickly, ensure satisfaction within your company and increase your service standards, then the IT Support Application is just for you!