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Velocity Contract Management Application helps you move all processes of a contract, like forwarding a contract to the right person at the right time, archiving the document, management of termination, renewal conditions, etc., to the digital environment.

Move to the digital environment with the Contract Management Application, prevent paper waste, and support sustainability.

A user-friendly interface is used to follow and manage retrospective department contracts, supplier management, budgets and stamp taxes, and thus, you can access the contracts digitally.

Scanned copies of many documents concerning which department deals with which supplier, the beginning and ending dates and many more, information concerning the authorized signatory, and legal documents are uploaded to the Contract Management Application. This way, you get to follow the contracts through a system that is easier to manage.

What Can You Do With The Velocity Contract Management Application?

Move all the workflows you manage manually in your company to the digital environment with the “Velocity Contract Management Application”.