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Why Should You Get a Consultancy Service for the IT Sector?

Why Should You Get a Consultancy Service for the IT Sector?

Why Should Human Resources Departments Get Consultancy Services?

Many companies can be biased if they have not used this service before.

In this article, I will tell you how you can get this for 25.000₺ instead of 60.000₺. How? I will be giving the answer in the rest of the article.

First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of using this service:

Working with a professional consultant is very important primarily for the prestige of your company. The person representing your brand and the physical conditions make the first impression, after which a specialist consultant who technically speaks the same language with the candidate expresses the position to the candidate in the best way possible.

Based on research and my experience in the industry, a total of 450 resumes are analyzed to recruit an IT staff, which means 8 hours of work for an HR employee. Let’s say that they call about 250 candidates they found suitable from these resumes and made a pre-interview; this would mean about 20 hours. If approximately 50 people of these candidates come to the interview, the total work and organization time spent exceeds 50 hours. As a result, the organization of the second meetings means introducing technical teams with appropriate profiles, reference works etc. and thus, about 15 more hours of work is spent. In this example, if everything goes well, 93 hours is spent for a candidate. Considering tasks that interrupt, breaks etc., we can say that a staff member works only for this position for 1 month without doing anything.

Now if you wish, let’s talk about what it will cost you.

Let’s say a human resources employee cost ₺10,000 for a month to the employer, and the cost of the time spent by an IT staff interviewing these candidates would be around ₺10,000. In addition, if we say that the money you spend on career portals and the amount of equipment spent for this organization is minimum ₺3.000, you have already spent ₺23.000 from your pocket with a very simple calculation.

Now, let’s come to the scenario where you have hired the candidate you found and you are not satisfied.

You have worked so hard, spent overtime, endured a lot of costs and employee you were looking for finally started the job, but there is a problem. You are not satisfied with the candidate or the candidate is looking for something different and you have to part your ways! IT staff, as you know, are costly resources. In this example, let’s assume you employ a software development employee, and assume you work for two months with him/her with a net salary of ₺9,000 per month. The cost of this personnel to the employer will be a minimum of ₺35,000 for 2 months. And the whole process will start over. So, you spent ₺60.000 for a job that was not guaranteed.

Now, I want to talk about what we will provide for you.

First of all, let’s talk about reaching the right profile, which is one of the most difficult issues. IT recruitment consultants analyze hundreds of candidates that you cannot find on career portals, and provide interviews with the most suitable profiles for you. In these interviews, competent recruitment consultants question your personal competencies and select the profile that best suits your corporate culture and teammates and take them to the next level. At this stage, the requirements for the position are questioned, the technical competencies of the candidate are measured and the most suitable profile is selected for your institution, manager and job.

Afterwards, the candidate is introduced to you without wasting time. We organize the whole organization in order to make these meeting organizations in the most comfortable way possible.

In all processes of the candidate, which we call end-to-end consultancy service, we undertake processes like analyzing resumes, competence and technical interviews, meeting organizations, reference checks etc. and enable you to employ the most suitable profile as soon as possible. In this process, if you are not satisfied with the personnel employed, we immediately work on the same position for free.

The basic need of companies is primarily Human Resources and the right profile that will carry your organization forward adds value to your company.

If you want to get more detailed information about our professional consultancy services, you can contact us.