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We held our Data Security Practices event

We held our Data Security Practices event

Data security has become even more important, especially with the remote work being widespread during the pandemic. At this point, solutions for secure digital work are even more important to prevent data loss. So, we organized an online event on data security, which we think you might be interested in, and that can give an idea about the proactive measures taken by companies in different visions.

We talked about the following topics and answered the questions people have been curious about in our free online event where we focused on preventing data leakage, minimizing the IT workload and reducing the budget allocated for this. We kindly thank all our participants who joined our event.

  • [DLP] Data Loss Prevention: Content-based data protection.

Preventing sensitive data from leaking out, ensuring the user to be warned and preventing data loss with policies.

You can protect the content in Exchange emails, Microsoft Teams chats and channel messages, and any SharePoint or OneDrive libraries, and also select specific locations for a policy.

  • [AIP] Azure Information Protection: Data classification and automatic labeling solution.

It is a cloud solution that enables your e-mails and documents such as World, Excel, PDF to be classified, labeled and protected as “confidential information, sensitive data…” and at the same time allows you to monitor the data inventory in these documents.

  • [MCAS] Microsoft Cloud App Security: Application-based data protection

Enables the cloud applications to be more visible and the activities of these applications to be more traceable. You can control the passage of critical data between applications in a more secure way. It is a cloud solution that provides prevention of data leaks by controlling permissions and shares, detecting violations in your cloud environment and preventing data loss that may occur as a result.