Turkey R&D 250

Today, domestic and national high technologies are in a decisive position with their R&D and innovation power, with intensive efforts to transform value-added solutions into impact and solutions that shape the future. With the increase in R&D and innovation activities, production at medium, high and high technology levels has increased. Knowledge production methods and development-oriented human resources have increased the importance of sustainable resource use and green growth beyond digitalization. Impact-oriented companies that shape a more efficient, cleaner and people-oriented future have been determined. According to R&D 250, the research on the companies with the highest R&D expenditures in Turkey, PEAKUP was among the companies with the highest R&D expenditures in 2018.

While monitoring Turkey’s value-added journey with the “Turkey R&D Survey”, 500 companies in the survey increased their R&D expenditures to 16 billion 995 million TL. While serious steps have been taken in Turkey in recent years regarding R&D activities, the “Turkey R&D 250 Survey”, which was launched in 2013 by the Economy and Business World Portal Turkishtime, has been one of the most important steps to serve this purpose. Thousands of companies have participated in the research so far, and it has continued to be a source for “creating R&D memory in Turkey”.

PEAKUP’s CEO Ahmet Toprakçı said: “As every year, we took our place in the R&D survey this year as well. We are happy to be included in the list and proud to see our contribution to the economy and R&D.

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