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The Importance of Digitalization for the Human Resources

The Importance of Digitalization for the Human Resources

We are all aware that digitalization and technological transformation have taken an important place in our daily and business life with an increasing momentum. More importantly, as our age is rapidly digitalizing, companies that cannot keep up with this trend have only one question to answer: “Are we one or do we continue?”

In this article, we will talk about the importance of digitalization for Human Resources.

Digitalization of Recruitment Processes

The studies conducted by PWC show that the effort towards the use and dissemination of Human Resources technology solutions is increasing day by day. With the support of technology, Human Resources can easily report and spend the time saved in this process by managing the follow-up and analysis processes in digital environments, to become a “strategic business partner”.

If we need to explain with an example, with the digitalization of recruitment processes, Human Resources departments have been able to reach the appropriate candidate quickly and close the processes 50% faster compared to the past. In addition, job search sites, online platforms, and mobile applications continue to be a big part of the process day by day. Now, many companies have created their candidate pools in digital environment and made the first interview with the candidate over the internet, earning days or even weeks.

The introduction of the concept of “Home Office” into our lives with digitalization

Especially with the acceleration of digitalization, we cannot help but mention the concept of “home office”, which we have started to hear a lot. We have already said goodbye to the desktop computer and the paper files filling the cabinets, but with the introduction of Cloud Computing into our lives, we found ourselves in an environment where we can access any information – document we need from anywhere. As such, the expectations of the employees started to take shape in this direction. Of course, we cannot say that every company will be involved in this process, but the number of companies that provide their employees with the opportunity to work from the location they want on certain days of the week (for now), although not full-time, is increasing day by day.

The Contribution of Digitalization to Human Resources

The information that we have obtained by spending our hours and days before is now on our screen with a single click. This is a process that supports companies to take more strategic and fast actions. We are now able to research competitor analyzes, side rights, salary comparisons and many other topics that we can exemplify, in digital environments with our own means. We can say that easy access to information makes our work easier, while increasing competition and forcing companies to be innovative.

Perhaps the most important contribution of digitization to Human Resources departments is saving time. Everyone in the sector is aware that the definition of Human Resources has undergone a great change. Ten years ago, when we talked about Human Resources; bureaucratic processes, legal transactions and payroll processes came to mind, now Human Resources has gone into a more strategic, employee satisfaction-oriented process, which has been stripped of all these papers. With digitalization, they had the opportunity to focus a lot of their concentration on employee satisfaction, while spending much less time following many processes, including training planning, performance evaluations, personnel and inventory follow-up. The biggest goal of every company is to be the preferred workplace by candidates, and now with the support of all these digitalization processes, we can say that Human Resources departments can spend their efforts in this focus.

We are in the middle of a rapidly changing, developing and digitalizing era. There is only one way out that will make us different from others, and that is to adapt quickly and use our time efficiently. The way to do this is through digitalization.

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