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The Impact of an Intranet Portal on the Corporate Culture

The Impact of an Intranet Portal on the Corporate Culture

Intranet is the most important and effective notion between a company’s workers. When we look at it, this notion is pretty simple but when we go into more details it gives us a range that helps us to create a corporate image and increase productivity.

As important the communication notion is while creating the corporate culture, you can also make it dynamic with the portal structure that will accompany you in your digitization processes and keeping up with the changing and developing world.

Let’s get into more details…

What are the Essentials of the Portal that Creates Your Corporate Culture?

1 Announcements

HR Departments have the biggest part of responsibility in terms of enabling a strong and dynamic structure in intranet processes. They relieve their  workload by publishing the announcements on the portal. They manage the processes through a single center with sections like LPPD, Performance Management, OHS documents and open positions.

2 Files

The palest ink is stronger than the sharpest memory. Files, the apple of companies’ eyes… Finding them on a secure common workplace will be one of the best factors that will relieve the workers’ workloads.

3 Celebrations

The joy of the portal; celebration corner… It becomes a piece that celebrates new friends that have joined us, birthdays and brings our emotions together and that cheers us all up.

4 Finding Personal Reasons

Considering that employee loyalty is achieved through touching their social lives; the portal keeps people within itself with horoscope, news, market condition, movies, music and books.

5 Integrations

Every company has multiple applications and communication tools that they use. Let’s benefit from the blessings the portal offers us at the same time and speed with the integration of a lot of different themed applications like finance, marketing, customer relations, sales and management. 😊

The most important goal of the portal that solves the hardest matters for you is to increase productivity by staying on a single common area, to provide organization and parallel to that, to offer us a corporate culture with a mature and strong communication.
The first step is to decide to use a prepared portal for your company and employees.

And the second step is to meet Velocity!