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Software Export to 650 Companies from Turkey / Akşam

Software Export to 650 Companies from Turkey / Akşam

Local cloud computing company PEAKUP exports technology to the world with a 60-person team from Turkey. The new goal of the company that opened an office in London is to open up to the USA.

Founded in 2012 to provide end-to-end solutions and products from IT infrastructure services to software development activities, the Turkish technology company PEAKUP has switched 600 thousand end users to cloud computing technologies since the day they went into action. The company, which develops high-tech products with a team of 60 people, delivers these products to 650 corporate customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions and reaches a growth rate of 150 percent every year.


“The best way to contribute to Turkey’s economic development is through developing and exporting high-tech products,” said Peakup CEO Ahmet Toprakçı and continued: “We will bring our software to the EU through the office we have opened in London. Another target is the USA. With these new markets that we will open up to, 40 percent of our turnover will come from abroad within 3 years. ”


PEAKUP facilitates the daily life of businesses and provides efficiency with the software it develops. The software named PassGate, developed by the company, takes the user password reset requests from IT departments and enables users to resolve the issue with an SMS-based autonomous system. With PassGate, companies save 10 million TL a year. Velocity, which strengthens in-house communication for HR departments, and Sign & Go, which transforms billions of e-mails in circulation every day into digital traceable marketing items with banner images that can be added via a web console, are two other important products developed by the company.


Peakup that has Turkey’s 867th R&D center works on internet of objects, artificial intelligence, machine learning, micro-processor circuits, image and natural language processing technologies in this center. Pointing out that the most important investment areas in the 2020 budget will be human resources, Toprakçı added that they will increase the number of employees by 15-20% next year.