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Peyman Creates Its Reports with Power BI

Peyman Creates Its Reports with Power BI

Peyman -the leader of Turkish Dried-Nut Industry, has become one of the strongest main industries from a regional player identity in a very short period of time with their investments and courageous steps that they took. Peyman managed to be in ISO 500 and became one of the 500 Large Industry Companies of Turkey. Peyman Kuruyemiş continues to offer its products to the consumers by visiting hundreds of customers with around 400 sales representatives every day.

How did the cooperation between PEYMAN and PEAKUP happen?

With around 400 sales representatives in the field, we visit hundreds of customers every day and bring our products to consumers. In this process, it becomes very important to follow the sales performance of both our team and our products, to compare them with past data and to analyze them with various criteria. In the past, efforts to meet this need were insufficient at the stage of meeting the need due to the license cost or capacity limits of the selected solutions.

After the analysis and researches we made as the IT team, Power BI became the prominent solution for us with its simplicity, easy implementation, and the fact that it is easy to learn.

We needed consultancy on the details of the capabilities of Power BI and whether the priority reports for us could be prepared in Power BI and how long it would take to get started with it. The PEAKUP team guided us in the right way with their knowledge and experience in Power BI and supported us with the most accurate solution for our reporting needs. Later, with the training we received from PEAKUP, we introduced 15 of our friends to Power BI, and we got to teach them that they could prepare with excel and publish their reports more quickly and easily through this environment.

With Power BI consultancy, we quickly created our reports with priority. It has been a great achievement for us that we can access our sales data in region and product details with a few clicks by using the reports we have created, and that our sales team can access these reports over the internet whenever they want.

PEAKUP is a team of friends who are competent in Power BI. Ms. Birhan helped us as a consultant during our work. Ms. Birhan, with her experience in Power BI, both guided us in the right way and helped us find the right solution with the consultancy she gave us in every issue we got stuck during the development of the reports we created. The case study and exercises she did during our Power BI trainings ensured that the trainings were effective and efficient. I highly recommend PEAKUP to everyone, both because of their approach and because of their experienced and competent teammates.

İrfan Cin – Sales Systems and Business Intelligence Expert