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PEAKUP, operating in the technology sector, once again drew attention with the importance and value they attach to their employees. At the in-person award ceremony organized by Great Place to Work, PEAKUP achieved a great success by taking its place among the Best Employers.

The Great Place to Work Certificate is given to ensure a culture of trust within the company and as an indicator of employee satisfaction. PEAKUP has succeeded in winning this certificate for the fourth time in a row thanks to the high satisfaction of their employees and the environment of trust within the company. PEAKUP also received the Best Employer Award and has established an important place as an employer brand.

In this year’s evaluations, the opportunities and motivational practices offered by PEAKUP to their employees had a great impact. The loyalty and happiness of the employees to the company has been one of the main pillars of PEAKUP’s success.

PEAKUP, where internal motivation and trust are high, offers many different projects and opportunities for employees. Game machines, recreation areas and specially decorated spaces in a modern and fun working environment ensure that employees can work comfortably. In addition, personal development trainings, flexible benefits, financial support and career development opportunities increase employee motivation.

The secret of PEAKUP’s success lies in making people-oriented decisions and prioritizing the happiness of the employees. Ahmet Toprakçı, the CEO of the company, emphasizes that a great teamwork is behind this success. Ahmet Toprakçı states that the company’s growth and success graph is shaped by the support and trust of the employees. He also states that PEAKUP’s understanding of quality and happiness in the services and products the company offers to their customers has also contributed to this success.

With this significant achievement, PEAKUP has reinforced their leading position in the sector as an employer brand. It is foreseen that PEAKUP will continue to grow and develop in the coming periods with the importance they attach to the satisfaction of their employees and the environment of trust within the company.

PEAKUP will continue to make their employees feel valued and increase their motivation. The success story of the company is written together with the success story of the employees. As the PEAKUP family, we would like to thank all our employees who contributed to us winning this award and we are proud of them. We believe that we will achieve many more successes together!

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