The E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program aims to develop Turkey’s informatics and sub-sectors, encourage innovation and create regional and global unicorns that can compete in international markets. The E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program, which includes new support elements specific to the IT sector, has been designed to support companies with high added value in all IT and sub-sectors.

✓ Moving away from the focus on brands, IT sector services/products have been placed at the center of the support model.

✓ The inclusion and pre-examination processes of companies and the criteria for inclusion have been revised in line with the dynamics of the IT sector.

✓ In order for companies to strengthen their corporate capacities and grow abroad within a strategic plan, an annual strategic business plan has been made mandatory and service procurement for this purpose has been included in the scope of support.

✓ An annual monitoring and evaluation system was introduced to monitor the effective and efficient use of the support.

PEAKUP has been the 15th company to be accepted to E-Turquality.

🚀 We would like to thank our entire team for being with us in achieving this great success. 🙌 We are proud to join the E-Turquality program and will continue to be Turkey’s rising star in technology.

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