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PEAKUP Facilitates Business Life / BT HABER

PEAKUP Facilitates Business Life / BT HABER

Founded in 2012, Turkish technology company PEAKUP aims to facilitate the daily life of businesses with the software it develops. Velocity that has been developed by PEAKUP aims to increase the interaction of employees and add efficiency to the institutions with its collective structure.

Accessing information and documents is among the most challenging processes for institutions. Researches show that the average time for a white-collar employee to search for information and documents in e-mail is 45 minutes per day. And this situation worries the Human Resources departments. These days that the digital workplace notion is coming to life, it is important to be able to easily carry out intranet processes on a single platform.

The notion of “Digital Workplace” that the whole world is talking about, is getting more and more important in terms of removing geographical barriers and providing access to information 24/7 with its cloud services, mobility and artificial intelligence applications. Processes such as increasing employee loyalty, making a difference in terms of collaboration and productivity, content / document management and facilitating business processes are among the important goals of digital workplace applications.

Information exchange makes the business life easier

According to a study, approximately 39 percent of corporate data uploaded to the cloud is related to file sharing applications. This ratio is higher than any other category. On the other hand, the vast majority (71.4 percent) of the 35.7 percent of document sharing is done by the in-house employees.

Velocity, an intranet platform that digitizes communication processes developed within the scope of all this information and that simplifies the use, will be one of the most important assistants of companies in digital transformation. Velocity, which enables various departments to follow the communication processes of the company on a single platform, aims to activate the interaction between employees continuously. This product that enables the instant information flow to accelerate will also increase the performance in professional life.

Distributing information flow to multiple channels makes communication integrity difficult

PEAKUP CEO Ahmet Toprakçı, who stated that communication disruptions affect all companies regardless of scale, defines Velocity as an important assistant of the digital transformation journey. He said: “The fact that the channels such as social media are increasing day by day makes us realize the difficulty of information and document management, and requires the transformation of the way organizations do their business. Researches show that it takes 45 minutes a day for a white-collar employee to search for information and documents in an e-mail. On the other hand, it is very difficult to follow and control the information shared by e-mail in terms of security.

Our product Velocity, which we developed to add efficiency to organizations and facilitate processes, ensures the communication integrity of different departments. Our product, which maximizes the productivity of the employees with its fast and secure infrastructure, simplifies the work between teams and increases motivation. Velocity, which offers the use based on needs, is one of the biggest assistants of companies in their digital transformation journey.”

Happy employees make the customers happy

Velocity strengthens socialization, information exchange and cooperation among employees. Employees who can share information non-stop prevent unexpected situations. Velocity, which allows the prevention of information loss, ensures that the correct information is obtained in the fastest and safest way. This product that enables measures to be taken against all security vulnerabilities on a single platform, strengthens communication and increases interaction between employees. This product that increases employee productivity; raises customer satisfaction to the next level by producing fast and effective solutions to problems