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Online Education in the New Digital

Online Education in the New Digital

We have proudly contributed to the preparation of digital classes by supporting online education through our projects with educational institutions during the distance education process.

We carried out our free webinar, where we talked about Microsoft Teams and its uses, which is used as infrastructure in online education, Azure Labs, which you can use for unlimited laboratory experiences, and the student management system Moodle Integration.

Our topics:

  • Microsoft Teams: Everything including online lectures, assignments, digital quizzes and effective digital learning with Microsoft Teams, the structure that brings students, teachers and all academic staff together digitally.
  • Azure Labs: The Lab experience where you can find Microsoft Project, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Matlab, Autocad, Solidworks and more and where you can have unlimited lab experience regardless of location and hardware
  • Moodle Integration: Methods to integrate student management system Moodle with Microsoft Teams and Office 365, automation steps for creating automatic classes and effective learning

We kindly thank everyone who has participated.