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New Generation Companies Will Gain Importance in 2021

New Generation Companies Will Gain Importance in 2021

In the remote working world where the pandemic was challenging everyone, the performance of startups deserved attention. While examining the subject, it was not difficult to notice that the separation between startups and established structures has narrowed. This situation forces us to evaluate the new generation companies that can respond to the new normal, and it seems that we are entering the days when we should use this definition instead of startups. PEAKUP is a good example of this change.


The leap created by the pandemic in digitalization and more specifically in e-commerce is being followed closely. However, it is necessary to look at how the startup world is affected by this new normal where digitalization is necessary, as the new business models forced by the pandemic period create an environment that offers large and small companies the chance to live equally. These new companies normally draw attention with their relatively small teams and agile working methodologies, and it is important to no longer call these companies as startups or scale-ups, but as new generation companies.

We are leaving the old normal behind

While big companies are breaking away from the comfort zone of their old normal at speeds far beyond their plans, the burden of their old normal, that is, the traditional company habits, are still a burden on their backs. Young people, who were criticized for being the “generation that keep their eyes on the phone screen” until just a year ago, and the old people who try to adapt to the same life today make a good analogy. This older generation, that just forgets to turn on their microphones before they speak, including me, is trying to exist in this world with their inadequate webcams and false lights, just like in the cheap movies, where young people are natives. Then, in order to understand the future, it is important to look at how far the young people have come so far. While doing this, it seems a better way to analyze how several examples do their job rather than making a list of everyone is doing.

The transition to new business models of the digital world has begun

Digitizing a business idea by turning it into software and then creating advanced versions of it and staying one step ahead of its copies -the summary of the business models of the digital world- are common features of successful companies here. It has to be that way anyway, because otherwise, it is inevitable to crash to the ground under the influence of gravity, that is, the claw of mediocrity. PEAKUP was one of the new generation companies that fulfilled the requirements of versioning. Versioning here is an approach that goes beyond what we see in the real sector. This is different from the fact that automotive industrialists in the real sector or industry produce negative pressure chambers that reduce the risk of taking samples in coronavirus tests or defense industry companies produce respirators. This dimension is the creation of versioning to create the best response to business dynamics without experiencing extraordinary periods such as a pandemic. In PEAKUP’s practice, this is reflected in the company’s new IoT solution, NOVA IoT, which adapts the offices to the new normal. Developed in PEAKUP’s technology laboratory, the NOVA IoT platform allows offices to adapt to the new normal with online and offline integration without the need to redesign. However, the versioning feature of the solutions I am talking about is not limited to the NOVA IoT platform.

The PEAKUP technology laboratory, which developed this solution, developed technology for future offices with its products such as digital workplace platform Velocity, digital signature application Sign&Go and cyber security solution PassGate. After NOVA IoT, they are presenting an end-to-end process management platform by integrating all these products under the same platform. The ability to build end-to-end processes is a key factor in digital business management that will become even more important after the pandemic. The existence of e-commerce applications that have disrupted logistics on the B2C side that touches the consumer, or remote working systems that have problems in the approval processes because the digital signature cannot be fully switched on the corporate side, point to the importance of designing the entire process to operate without friction for the success of the operation. Of course, it is also a must for the solution produced to meet a need that will not disappear.


“Approximately 30 percent of the workforce will be working from home”

PEAKUP COO KADIR CAN TOPRAKÇI says: “It is estimated that until the end of 2021 around the world, approximately 30 percent of the workforce will be working from home. Currently, this rate is 3.6 percent. An outside employee helps the employer to save around 11 thousand dollars annually. Those who do not give up the office layout must redesign their offices in accordance with the pandemic rules. This means extra expense for businesses,” and adds that the IoT platform NOVA, which they implemented, minimizes contact in line with the pandemic norms and increases efficiency and savings as well as transforming offices into a safer environment. This is not limited to producing quick solutions with agile methodology in the face of an apparent need; A process design approach focused on business model and algorithm can be adapted to different situations. Young and aggressive teams in the company adapt all processes of the company, from production to sales, and to the new normal in the same way. The words “We know that we will be successful if we do not expect things to be resolved on their own” and “We develop solutions that will prepare companies for the future” are the slogans of the agile and aggressive structure within the company that immediately catches the eye. When this situation is combined with the analysis capability at the top of the company, there are strong results that satisfy 500 customers.


Contact points in offices will be minimized with Nova

PEAKUP CEO Ahmet Toprakçı’s words that suggest we will redefine many processes when we return to the office in order to protect business continuity and employee health, reveals this analysis ability. Ahmet Toprakçı said: “It is not yet possible for all employees in many sectors to switch to remote work. It is a fact that during the pandemic, although many companies started working remotely, there were teams that continued to work alternately in offices. We will continue to work in the offices, although there are fewer employees at a time in the offices during or after the new normal. In order to protect the health of our employees and visitors coming from outside when necessary, it is very important to establish smart technologies and digital infrastructures to ensure business continuity, and especially social distancing.”

NOVA takes over management and reduces physical contact right FROM ENTERANCE THE OFFICE. It is not needed to touch the door handle, air conditioner control or lighting button that everyone touches like in the traditional practice. NOVA offers all these things, including opening the door with fingerprint, and these can be done with a single button on the mobile phone or computer screen. Also, people’s temperature is taken without any contact and people with risk cannot enter the office. In addition, a person whose temperature is rising in the office during the day can be detected by the heat sensors inside the office, and the warning and guidance systems are activated by finding which parts of the office he/she has walked around and who he/she contacted.


With Nova, it will be possible to analyze the changes in the air

NOVA analyzes all changes in the air and sends notifications to the system in any adverse situation.

Traditional ventilation systems do not have a function other than measuring the temperature of the environment and turning it on and off automatically. In addition to these, NOVA offers an automatic system management to bring the environment to the most suitable conditions by monitoring the environment according to conditions such as having sufficient lighting, the density of carbon dioxide and similar gases in the environment, and air flow. The system can make its on-off decisions according to the conditions that can be pre-defined. It detects the number of people per square meter and warns the area where it’s getting crowded. In case of risk, it plays a decisive role in quarantining only certain people instead of closing the entire office. NOVA analyzes and reports the people contacted by the risky person and is the safest and most advanced form of follow-up.


Nova got the control of the meeting rooms

Thanks to the devices placed in the meeting rooms, NOVA measures air quality, how many people are in the room and time usage, and arranges the reservations of the rooms according to social distance rules, just like in the office. While NOVA controls the entrance of people with a high risk to the meeting rooms, it is possible to reach the meeting notes and various statistics regarding the performance of the meeting via the mobile application.

All of these are the results of a digital business approach, which enables end-to-end processes to be designed using digital capabilities and software to be mastered to achieve this. Startups were generally defined as structures that are very good in a field, including technology, but have no experience other than their own work. The example of PEAKUP shows that this is more than a step ahead. The business model focus allows to go even further, and it is a conscious approach, not an accidental situation. This approach also provides confidence in plans to take NOVA IoT out of the office.

Digitalization processes for workplaces is to accelerate

CEO Ahmet Toprakçı says: “It is one of the first steps to be taken in accelerating the digitalization process and ensuring that farmers can adapt to this process, easily get used to it and use it. With the NOVA platform, which can be used as a farm IoT platform to help prevent increasing waste in agriculture and animal breeding, we provide instant analyzes by collecting different environmental data such as temperature, heat, light amount, wind speed and carbon dioxide in poultry and similar growing areas. At the end of the day, with the NOVA IoT Platform, we achieve positive results on processes such as improving the quality standards of chicken, egg, and meat producers and similar sectors in the same chain, increasing process efficiency, decreasing energy losses, reducing labor costs and reducing stress, disease and waste in live animals.”

Micro-processor circuit designs and all hardware that perform instant processing at the end points are developed by engineers in the PEAKUP R&D center. With the advanced analytical infrastructure accompanying cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, monitoring areas in dozens of different locations can be managed remotely. It is really impressive that the right solutions can be developed for these areas with the work experience and coding in different fields.

Given the differences between corporate and individual markets and that  PEAKUP produces solutions to the global companies as well, the example of Buddy.ia is of huge importance to emphasize that offering solutions to the whole world should be the next step of the new generation of companies in Turkey. New generation companies like PEAKUP that will shape the future of the world, producing their solutions for the world that has 100 times larger than the economy of Turkey, will be equal to building a San Francisco in Turkey.