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  • Teleconference Buttons 

3 buttons on the top right of the chat screen are teleconference buttons. 

  • The first one is the Video Call button and you can have online meetings with your camera on. 
  • With the second one “Audio Call”, you can make online calls without sharing your video. 
  • With the last one “Screen Share”, you can share your computer’s screen and make presentations with the other participants. 
  • Video Call – Online Meeting

You can have remote meetings without losing anytime during your trips with video calls. Up to 250 people can participate in these meetings. You can join the meeting from your phone, tablet and computer. You can chat and share a file or your screen during the meeting. Up to 250 people can join a meeting but the maximum number of participants we will see on the screen is 4 for now. The artificial intelligence on the background of Teams meeting dynamically changes people on the screen by displaying them when they are actively participating. These are activities like having your camera on or speaking. 

  • Desktop Share

You can make online presentations by sharing your screen during the meeting. Also, you can give control to your colleagues and they can take actions on behalf of you. The feature is used a lot by helpdesks.  

Screen Share

Screen Share Button
Giving Control





-If you want to share all the action while sharing your screen, you go with the Desktop option. If you want to share just one of the apps working on the background, you choose it among the options. For example, if you want to take a look at your notes while making a presentation but don’t want anyone to see those notes, choose PowerPoint only. This way, even if you open another app the participants will keep seeing the presentation. 

-Only 1 person can be granted with control during screen share. 


  • Blur My Background 

You can have video meetings free from the environment you work in with the “Blur My Background” option. 


  • Record Meeting

You can record a meeting and watch in later within Teams with the “Start Recording” option within the ellipsis.  These recordings can be used to create an education portal in Teams. 

  •  Teams and Channels

You can collaborate with the branch, departments, project teams; make announcements and make sure that your workers that work in different places know of each other. You can keep chats and documents more organized by splitting your work area into more specific pieces with the Channels under the Teams. 

  • Create a New Team 

You can create a new team or join an existing team with the team code with the “Join or create a team” option on the bottom of the Teams page. Only team owners can see the team code. If you are a team owner, you can click on ellipsis next to the team’s name, go “Manage Team” / Settings / Team Code and get the team code. 

  • Create a New Channel 

You can create new channels under a team within the ellipsis next to the team name. Standard channels are the channels everyone can access, and the private channels are locked channels that specific people can access. Team owners might not be included in a private channel. In this situation, they can see that the channel exists, but they cannot see what is inside. If the team owner doesn’t want any channels to be created, he/she can restrict this in settings.  

  • Mention

The posts shared in channels can be seen within the channel, but they are not sent as notifications. You can choose people that you want to notify with the @mention people. If you want to send notification to everyone, you can type the team name after @.  This feature is very important to get rid of the cc in mails. Thanks to this feature, the topic you share is received by people, but it doesn’t cause notification pollution. People who get notifications can be thought as people in to. 

  • Post Announcements 

You can make your announcements more obvious with the “Announcement” option under the “A” Format button in a team. This option is

not found in chats, it is under Teams only.

Making it an announcement is not enough to notify everyone, you must use the mention feature for that. 

  • Share a Post in Multiple Channels at the Same Time 

You can post your announcement from one center without needing to send it one-by-one with the “Post in multiple channels” option under the “A” Format button in a team. 

  • Add a Tab 

You can add your 3rd party applications a tab for quick access by clicking the “+” (Add a tab) option next to the tabs that are found on top of a channel. 

  • OneNote

You can keep your meetings organized by integrating OneNote to your teams. On top of that, you can work simultaneously on these notes! 

  • Forms

You can create a poll with Forms, add it to Teams channels and collect Feedback.  You can digitalize your paperwork by creating recommendation/complaint form, satisfaction pools and also exams that can be graded. When you try to add Form into Teams as a tab, you come across 2 options: -Create a form where you can create questions with your teammates. -Show me forms that I have already created in the Forms app and collect feedback. 


You can access the forms app within Integrate the polls you have created in this app to Teams and collect feedback. Polls can be collected anonymously or with names. You can get feedback from the company or outside the company. You can find all these options in the Settings section of the Forms app. 


  • Planner

You can assign tasks to people in your team with Planner and determine due date, importance, task status and task steps.


You can also get task tracking report.  


  • Calendar 

Your Calendar page helps you to display your calendar in Teams by working in synchronization with Outlook. The meetings created within Teams will reflect on Outlook. 


  • Organize a New Meeting 

You can quickly organize a meeting with the New Meeting option on top right corner of the calendar page. You can choose “Plan a Meeting” for video calls and “Live Event” for bigger presentations. Meetings can be organized with up to 250 participant and the Live Events can be organized with up to 10.000 participants. Live Events are meeting where only the presenters make a presentation and participants are the audience without video or sound. Live event option can be better for trainings. Muting every single participant can be hard for the presenter. This option is also convenient for the meetings that require a high number of participants. It is possible to have a questions/answers field in the live events. Also, these meetings can be recorded and watched later within Teams. 

  • Scheduling Assistant 

You can maximize the meeting participation by seeing if the participants are available throughout the day or not with the Scheduling Assistant!