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Microsoft Build 2024: Key Topics

Microsoft Build 2024: Key Topics

Artificial intelligence news continues to increase its place on the agenda day by day. What are the features of ChatGPT-4o? Which artificial intelligence features has Google introduced? What kind of updates have been made in Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Solutions? And many more questions are closely followed by technology enthusiasts.

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Today, we will answer one of the most frequently asked questions and talk about the highlights of the Microsoft Build 2024 event. What is Microsoft Build event? What features have been added to Copilot? How to ensure security in artificial intelligence? Let’s explore all of them in detail.


What is Microsoft Build? When and where does it take place?


Microsoft Build, one of Microsoft’s biggest events that brings together developers, software engineers and IT professionals, took place in Seattle on May 21-23 this year. The event was broadcasted in real time on online platforms, bringing together participants from all over the world.


Microsoft Build 2024: Welcome to the age of AI transformation


A stream of events was planned for days full of inspiration, discussing new updates and the latest developments, as well as case studies with world leaders. So how do you think this great event started? Let’s just watch it. 👇



The event kicked off with this striking video, where leading names in the industry such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Kevin Scott, Scott Guthrie and others held sessions introducing the developments. In addition to these sessions;

  • Live meetings have been planned where participants can meet with Microsoft’s expert staff.
  • Participants were able to watch the sessions they had missed.
  • Competitions have been organized where developers and students from around the world could participate.
  • With Microsoft Learn, participants were able to receive certificates by completing the necessary steps.


So, which topics were covered in these jam-packed days? Let’s take a brief look 👀


Microsoft Build 2024 Important Topics


1. Team Copilot

What if we could instantly add a new teammate to every team? What if that teammate could attend meetings, comment on the meeting, summarize the meeting, or even completely manage a project? Yes, Team Copilot offers you all these features and more.

Copilot now goes beyond being a personal assistant and acts as a true teammate. Commands given in all areas integrated with Team Copilot (e.g. Teams, Planner, Loop, etc.) get directly executed by Copilot.

Now, with this feature, after determining all the details of a project, you can ask Copilot for tasks such as tracking the stages of the project and informing the team members regarding the deadlines. 👇



2. Agents: Custom Copilot

As we discussed in the previous section, Copilot now goes beyond being a personal assistant and acts as your team’s assistant or even teammate, easily representing you when working with third parties.

For example, when you are looking for a supplier, Copilot can receive offers and details from the supplier and help you make the right decision by evaluating all options. Copilot also takes part in the e-mail processes with suppliers or purchasing managers.

Designing the digital assistant that will take part in all these stages becomes much easier and possible thanks to the unique capabilities of Copilot Studio. 👇



3. Copilot in SharePoint

Using SharePoint is becoming much more functional for employees. Users can access the information they need in seconds with Copilot, and of course,  the data is retrieved from SharePoint and OneDrive – of course from the files they have access to – Co-pilots specially designed for organizations can be easily implemented with Copilot Studio, we can say that it is perfect for those who want to increase productivity. 👇



4. Copilot Extensions and Copilot Connectors

With Copilot’s new extensions, a more personalized experience is now possible, increasing efficiency in business processes. The new Copilot extensions make it easier for everyone to customize their actions and access data across their business processes.

In addition, with new developments, custom designed Copilots meet with users through the platforms they can integrate with. For example, what if we tell you that a Chatbot designed specifically for your organization can communicate directly with your customers or employees via WhatsApp?


5. Copilot Studio

With the renewed Copilot Studio, it is now much easier to produce customized copilots. It is easier, more possible and faster to design a special Copilot to be used in SharePoint, to design a Copilot that will take part in processes carried out with 3rd parties and to design the Copilot needed in many more special categories. At the same time, remember that Copilot is constantly improving with feedback and you are always in control.



6. Real-Time Modal GPT-4o

GPT-4o, recently introduced by OpenAI, is now generally available through the Azure OpenAI Service. Let’s pause here and take a deep breath to imagine what this development could lead to.

GPT-4o, which analyzes text, image and voice capabilities in real time and can combine all of them, will enable companies to use groundbreaking innovations in the world of artificial intelligence.

Let’s watch an example of how it reflects in our daily lives. 👇



For more detailed explanations and different examples, you can take a look at the introduction below.


Security in Artificial Intelligence


Apart from new developments, another focus of the event was on how to ensure security in artificial intelligence. It was announced that extra defenses against data leaks and security vulnerabilities are being developed with new services on different platforms.

For example, with Microsoft Edge developments, it was shared that the ability to take screenshots on pages labeled as sensitive and protected is blocked, providing protection against data leakage in the browser, while at the same time allowing IT administrators to see which devices are at risk. In addition, it was announced that responsible artificial intelligence solutions were also increased.

Here is a session where details about security were shared:



The details of the Microsoft Build event are endless. However, we still briefly explored the highlights of the event together. Let’s watch the important topics with Microsoft’s summary. 👇



We have covered the most important topics of the Microsoft Build event. What if we tell you that all these features are presented to you in a studio and the most accurate artificial intelligence for your company is created by a team of experts who say “wish anything from me’”?

With the expert team of PEAKUP Artificial Intelligence Unit and sample use cases, this story is coming true. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for more detailed explanations and to experience Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Solutions with the expertise of PEAKUP.

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