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‘Malls will become digital life centers’

‘Malls will become digital life centers’

One of the things that have the share of everything digitalizing rapidly after the pandemic is the malls, the vital point of the retail economy. According to PEAKUP COO KadirCan Toprakçı, the malls around the world will become technology bases where artificial intelligent is used and that give contactless services. And shop-lovers will be like Sims players. Even though the change in malls remind us of sci-fi movies, it is pretty soon for these movies to become reality.

Malls, a must of shopping and the representer of socializing, where the retail economy revolves have gone through a lot of changes after the pandemic. We entered a new era where in the entrance our temperature is taken, where we have to walk on lines and cannot get out of circled areas, where we are kind of guided like robots. Technology, the definer of our life standards in the new normal, have taken the leading role in malls and introduced us to a lot of new things we didn’t see much before. PEAKPUP COO KadirCan Toprakçı believes that we are just in the beginning of the road. Malls that will concentrate on technological investments will become advanced space stations soon. Here is what we will see in the future Malls…

Contactless Malls

Today, online and offline shopping go together. In the future, this will leave its place to online shopping only. Online usage that will develop with the zero contact concern will be with us from the enter to the exit of the mall. We will see the condition of the mall on all our smart devices with artificial intelligence and virtual reality based developments, and manage and guide ourselves in the mall like an avatar.

Malls will be managed with separated sections

The quality of air we breathe indoors have a great importance. It is vital to sterilize the air inside in order to make malls go back to their old days the safest way possible. Thanks to the artificial intelligence to be used in malls, the quality of air density of each point, air temperature and other changes will be analyzed momentously. There will be an automatic management system to optimize the environment by keeping track of the density of harmful gases in the air and airflow. This system will be managed by the authorities on their cell phones and also the warning and guidance systems for alarming areas will step in with just one button. It will be possible to quarantine the risky zone in the mall and to stop the contact with the other zone automatically.

Video processing technologies will go into the pocket

It is possible to take people’s temperature contactless with video processing technologies. But in this new age, it will be possible to send the body temperature information to registered phones of clients and store authorities with facial recognition systems. But this system that is very beneficial concerning taking precautions fast and minimizing the interaction will be used when social distance is not applied. System will activate the alarms in case of suppressing the limit by counting people inside the defined zone. Shift systems and entries-exists will be controlled with video technologies and will be sent to the employees’ phone by being managed by the artificial intelligence.

Robot security staff, hologram store workers

Images taken by the security camera will be analyzed with smart software, risky situations among the images will be send to authorities in the remote monitoring center, it will be possible to interfere threatening situations with drones or robot security guard will accompany the suspect. Stores in the malls that want to give service 24/7 will be represented with hologram sales personnel.

Our temperature will be taken when we are washing our hands 

Shared areas in malls like bathrooms, praying rooms and cinema saloons have higher risk compared to the other areas. With technology, it is possible to eliminate contact completely from door handles to light switches, from taps to all other contacted areas. It will be possible to track the crowdedness in the bathroom, last cleaning date and clean air. Smart mirrors will take the temperature of the person washing their hands.

Physical stores will stand up with integrated systems

Stores will stop physical contact thanks to payment technology without a cashier and virtual fitting rooms, and augmented reality supported mirrors. This shows that physical stores will be facing different experiences. There will be a lot of cameras strengthened with artificial intelligence, it will be possible to track what clients have taken from she shelves with the artificial intelligence system, money will be taken from the registered credit cards automatically as they exit the store. Since physical stores will be preferred just to touch, look, choose and compare the products; brands will be in a race concerning service.

Attention, you might become a Sims player

PEAKUP COO KadirCan Toprakçı who said “In this new order, shop-lovers feel like Sims players” stated that these changes will take place in Turkey soon. Toprakçı told that they are producing new solutions concerning this with the Nova IoT Platform as Peakup and that there are still a lot of projects on which their R & D department is working on and that they are developing artificial intelligence programs for a lot of places from malls to offices, houses and even shelters.