We began our new content series “Introduction to Infrastructure” trainings. In this training that is planned to last for 8 weeks, the PEAKUP CEO Ahmet Toprakçı, who previously provided consultancy and training in various institutions, will be sharing his knowledge with you, our esteemed audience. The goal of our training is to start from the most basic level of infrastructure services and technologies and to touch on more professional subjects over time. The general topics of our event, which will take place every Wednesday at 17: 30-19: 00, are as follows:

. System and Network
. Introduction to Infrastructure Technologies
. History of Computer Networks
. The Concept of Internet
. IP
. Bit / Byte
. IP Network
. IP Subnetting / Supernetting
. Network Hardware (Router, Switch, Firewall, AP)
. VPN and more.


You can watch the training for free via the link below or in the bio.. 👇

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