Increase your Productivity with Windows 10

In the 4th week of our event we talked about making our work easier along with digitalizing our routine processes with Windows 10. In the previous weeks we mentioned importance of OneDrive and backed up our data. This week we talked about synchronization settings and smartly managing the files occupying our computer with “Storage Sense”. Storage Sense makes the not regularly used files Online Only and thus prevents them to take up unnecessary storage. We managed to have our computers locked when we got away from them with “Dynamic Lock by pairing our mobile devices with our computers via Bluetooth.

We talked about synchronizing all our choices from language settings and password to backgrounds between devices with “Sync Your Settings”. Also how to access the pages we worked on, the pages we opened in all devices with Windows’ Timeline feature; how to access everything we copied from one clipboard without copy-paste on “Clipboard” were important details. We wouldn’t skip mentioning the new Edge application. We asked “How can we pin the websites we opened in the browser to the taskbar as an app? We created the problem of opening millions of tabs and getting lost among them by creating Collections. While carrying the PostIt experience to digital with Sticky Notes, we introduced the new screenshot tool Snip&Sketch. And last but not least, we took a look at the Whiteboard feature we mentioned the first week, and left another event full of information behind.   

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