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ICT Media Ahmet Toprakçı Exclusive Interview

ICT Media Ahmet Toprakçı Exclusive Interview

PEAKUP CEO Ahmet Toprakçı stated that:

Covid pandemic increased the importance given to technology. Using fast growing technology in agriculture has become more common. Toprakçı, who stated that this situation causes a great efficiency on labor-intensive agriculture system, said: “New technologies that started to be used in industry and that become more common everyday, brought along a more efficient cultivation for the farmer.”

Toprakçı ,who pointed out that technological innovation in agriculture is a developing notion that existed every since the industrial revolution, stated: “But most countries remain behind when it comes to following these developments and using them. In research conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, it is mentioned that compared to any other industrial sector agricultural sector has the lowest digital penetration rate.

Even though the agricultural sector has fallen behind in efficiency and adding new services, it is important to accelerate this process. Because using the applications of internet of things (IoT) efficiently and correctly is the most helpful matter when it comes to meeting farmers’ expectations.”

Toprakçı put emphasis on the fact that we face problems like high costs, foreign-dependency, destroyed harvest, unexpected conditions, not making good use of the land. He stated that using new technologies minimizes the problems in the agriculture and stock raising sector and added: “It enables following more closely hence enables to control and measure it and makes it faster. Fastening and using digitalization correctly, is one of the most important steps to adapt the farmers to this process, make them use and understand them easily. Easy actions like motivating, explaining, talking about experiences will play an important role in breaking the biased stance and standing back,  and breaking the habit. Business Insider premium research service BI Intelligence foresees that the number of IoT devices in agriculture which is 30 million as of 2015 will increase to 75 million in 2020 and this will reach a growth rate of 20%. One of the best examples to prevent increasing waste in agriculture and stock raising and detect problems has been developed by PEAKUP as a farm IoT platform with internet of things.”

Toprakçı gave information about NOVA IoT Platform developed by PEAKUP. Toprakçı stated that NOVA platform makes instant analyzes by collection different environmental data like quantity of light, wind velocity and carbon dioxide in hen-houses and other similar raising habitats and told:”All the networks with microprocessor that makes instant transactions in extreme points and all the hardware are developed by the engineers in PEAKUP r&d center.

Data collected via Cloud Technologies and artificial intelligence is processed through a variety of algorithms in order to minimize the waste rates and create more efficient production areas. With its advanced-level analytical structure it can control monitoring areas in dozens of different locations remotely.

The system takes action on its own in the area that exceeds the defined values and prevents spread of possible diseases as well as doing smart henhouse management to the data to maximize the output. At the end of the day improving quality standards of  chicken producers and egg, meat and similar sectors that are in the same chain with NOVA IoT Platform causes positive results on process efficiency, decreasing energy loss, decreasing worker costs and decreasing stress, diseases and waste in living animals.

In this area where the environmental factors can analyze the living efficiency, the digital platform is obtained to make the fowls reproduce and live more efficiently. Instant measuring with sensors and following living following process decreases the waste of living in hen-houses.

Thanks to Nova IoT Platform we get fast and positive results like increasing efficiency, decreasing energy loss, faster solutions, decreasing worker costs. Today data processing and reporting by analyzing provides a huge convenience and productivity for most sectors. Developing software and paving the way of digitalizing requires accelerating this change for all sectors.”