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How to give feedback

How to give feedback

Imagine that you are doing your best. You have put all your effort into the job you have and got a good result in the end. But nobody says anything about your efforts. How would you feel?

Doesn’t matter what we do, we all want our efforts to be seen and noticed.

Due to human nature, one cannot evaluate their own work and wants to be appreciated. People need the opinions of others.

Giving feedback means paying attention to the people who do the job, respecting and valuing their labor.

Feedback doesn’t just help us learn to get the job done, it also helps us improve. The person becomes more confident, can take more initiative and establish healthier bonds. Correct feedback contributes to people becoming more mature.

If you have noticed, most of the evaluation methods in the field of Human Resources are based on feedback. In all of HR work, questions like “What do you think about the performance of person X?” are asked. However, if we use feedback as a kind of threat rather than as a method to support success, if we regularly give negative feedback, we will notice an observable decrease in motivation. The importance of constructive feedback comes into play at this point.

But, how do you give a correct and good feedback?

First of all, let’s be clear about this, feedback is not advice. It should be shared as clearly and openly as possible with a concrete example. The effects of feedback made at the right time are more permanent. If the person has completed a successful project, it should be appreciated, the reasons for the success of this should be explained and what can be done to make it better should be discussed.

Another point is that for the feedback to be more effective, it should be person oriented, not group oriented. Since the person before you will be the only addressee of the subject, his/her sensitivity to the subject will definitely increase.

The feedback made in this way leads to an increase in awareness in people and guides them to understand how to be better. It is also important for the feedback to be objective.

Especially managers should keep in mind that effective feedback is the most accurate motivation tool.

Effective feedback is a great development tool for everyone. A meaningful and objective feedback given at the right time with the right tone provides change and transformation.