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Don’t forget to use strong passwords against cyber-attacks

Don’t forget to use strong passwords against cyber-attacks

“Cyber ​​security” is of vital importance for everyone in this time and age where systems connected to the Internet are increasing day by day. Passwords are the biggest protection shield against cyber-attacks that are hard for individuals, institutions and even countries. Conducted researches show that creating passwords for digital devices and accounts and replacing them regularly is a must and a must only. Most people forget to set a password or make extremely simple and therefore make wrong choices in order to remember the password easily. We do not like changing passwords at all. However, the most important and first step to protect against increased cyberattacks is to have difficult, unpredictable passwords. This way, you get rid of the obligation to change your password frequently.

Increasing cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and target oriented. Especially the recent cyber-attacks caused large-scale global companies and even countries to go through critical financial losses. Many politicians or celebrities were discredited by the same attacks. To sum it up, as technology becomes more and more accessible, hackers’ attacks using malicious software show how important cyber security is in our lives. So, what should we do?

8 out of 10 people are worried about password security

According to The Global Risk 2020 report prepared by the World Economic Forum every year; Cyber-attacks are in the top 5 risk groups in the world with a rate of 76,1 percent. As cyber-attacks become more common, vulnerabilities created by weak passwords and authentication practices lead the way for attacks such as phishing. According to the research published in Business Wire; 51% of people say they had a phishing attack in their private life, while 44% said they had this attack at work. These data show that companies still do not have enough information concerning this subject. Because about 3 out of 4 people use duplicate passwords, and most of them haven’t been changed for 5 years or even more.

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