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How optimistic are women about technology?

How optimistic are women about technology?

How optimistic are women about technology?

Technology affects everyone as it goes in many places in life. As much as is was a strong crowd saying “What were we doing without technology?”, there are also people that say “Was it like this before, where are those old times?”. The human race knows that they need to adapt quickly to the changes that come due to their survival motive and try to achieve this at the highest level. The occupation of Facebook by the generations before us may be one of the best examples of this. Since this change is obligatory, it does make some people uneasy. This can be divided into generations or as Female-Male.

The infographic below reflects how tech optimism breaks down along the lines of gender and generation:


Why did women lose interest in Technology?

The issue of women in business life emerges as one of the issues that is frequently mentioned and emphasized by everyone. The place and existence of women in business life is actually very simple, but it can also be very difficult. As a child, classifying toys by gender and attributing gender to business lines can be conditioned obstacles for women to work in many sectors. For example, asking “How can a woman be a taxi driver?” and saying businessman instead of simply saying businessperson …

There are many sectors in which we cannot see the name of women and cannot be attributed as women’s jobs. One of them is especially the technology area. In the early years of computers, the presence of men on the hardware side and women on the software side was in balance. In the 1980s, this balanced situation deteriorated with computers entering the house. Because one of the biggest reasons women were pushed out of technology was computers entering the house. As computers were introduced to the market as men’s toys, women’s interest in technology gradually began to decline. Thus, technology started to be seen and treated as men’s interest. However, did you know that the first software developers were women? For example, Ada Lovelace is considered the first computer programmer in history.


Technology Sector’s Hidden Heroes

Lack of balance between private life and work life, insufficient wages and benefits, scarcity of career promotion opportunities, and the male-dominated structure of the sector are among the prominent negativities. Decision-making processes in companies where a male-female balance cannot be established also negatively affect financial and managerial performances. According to Deloitte TÜBİSAD’s Report on Women in the Technology Sector, companies with management balance work more successfully and more efficiently. It means balanced corporate management for 73% of women, different perspectives in decision-making for 71%, and increase in commercial gain and financial performance for 51% in a management team with a gender balance.

According to the research conducted by Deloitte with TUBİSAD with white-collar women working in the technology sector, 85% of them are satisfied with being in the technology sector. Because the global, dynamic, changing, creative and developing structure of the technology sector are some of the attractive aspects of the sector for women. Being able to shape the future and to do interesting and challenging jobs is more attractive to women in the Y and Z generation society. The technology sector is also considered as one of the challenging areas for women.


How Should Women be Supported in their Career Journeys?

Turkey, while seen as a country that is seen risky of increasing and deepening of gender inequality, technology is seen as an area that is high in risk. In our society, there is more trust in men in areas seen as risky. Women are not desired to be in risky areas not only in the office environment but also in daily life. However, it should not be overlooked that women are more successful in staying cool and managing crisis in a crisis. Because first of all, being able to accept the presence of women everywhere will be one of the most important steps in their career paths.

Increasing the number of female leaders who can be role models for employees may be another action that can be taken. In addition to the inequality between small and large enterprises, especially in the use of information and communication technologies, there are also great differences between men and women, old and young, educated and uneducated individuals. For the future of the industry, focusing on eliminating digital inequalities and developing digital competencies is of great importance. The equality of the number of men and women working in technology can be achieved by directing female students to more technical fields during school years.

Programs for young high school and university students can be prepared so that support should start from education to business life. Female student quota can be placed in technical and engineering departments of universities.

ISACA, one of the organizations working on this subject, stated: “The SheLeadsTech work program continues to raise awareness to draw attention to the problems faced by women working in the technology sector and to contribute to the reduction of these problems, to establish a network among women, to provide support in areas of low motivation and to contribute to their education where they are lacking. “

How do we feel about this issue as PEAKUP? What do we think?

Especially for the increase of female employees in the informatics sector, incentives to be applied to companies and non-governmental organizations are very important. Efforts to increase women’s employment should be diversified, and respect for the different ideas of self-confident women with goals should be developed. We believe that the actions to be taken will increase the strength of the team and successful works will come out of these environments. It should not be forgotten that success will be achieved through the solidarity of men and women.

As PEAKUP, we try to maintain the female employee ratio as at least 50%.

In addition, women who continue to work successfully in spite of all conditions can sometimes get caught between motherhood and work life. Processes such as maternity leave and the desire to raise the child up to the nursery age can interrupt their careers. For these reasons, many sectors hesitate to prioritize women when hiring. Flexible and remote working opportunities can create a workforce model that will take women forward, because of the digital age we are in, so that they do not leave the sector due to the constantly developing nature of technology. The ability to benefit from the workforce of women from all fields by providing opportunities for not only working women but also housewives to do high value-added jobs may be one of the points to provide support.

As a result, conditions are not equal due to the nature of human beings, but when trying to create fair and equal working opportunities in society ceases to be seen as a duty, we will be a society that goes further and produces more. Because, women will continue to exist in all areas of working life despite all the difficulties they face.

We hope to never have to talk about a subject such a Women in Technology in the upcoming years…