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Forgotten passwords can cause you problems!

Forgotten passwords can cause you problems!

Unupdated and forgotten password can cause you problems!

With the developing and improving technology, our business processes are obliged to keep up with the digital as well. You get most of your work done with your passwords and access many files through your accounts. Can you imagine not being able to access you e-mail or company apps when you forget your password? This situation slows done your business processes while affecting the time in which you could Updating Passwords is the biggest workload of the IT employees

Going to the help desk (IT Department) when you forget your password, the IT department getting your request and determining a new password, the new password reaching you slows down and halts most of your work. On the other hand, you can go to the help desk since they don’t work on the weekends and cannot access your e-mails that moment even if you have to respond right then. And this may interrupt all your business plans.

On top of all that, resetting passwords, unlocking locked accounts and all the requests for updationg profiles and passwords take too much time of the IT departments and became an extra workload.

You can relieve all the business process with a solution that allows employees to reset their own passports and unlock their own accounts, thus create their passwords based on the password criteria determined by the infrastructure.

You can read this article for more detailed information.

You think that you are secure against Cyber Attacks?

Even though digitalization grants us with a faster and more productive working, it also brings along a lot of threats.  You have to be careful about the security of your data, files, and most importantly your accounts.

According to the “The Global Risk 2019” report of World Economic Forum, cyber attacks are seen as one of the biggest problems after global warming and economic issues. Companies need to have international standards and their certificates concerning security and privacy in order not to face many situations that affect security like cyber attacks.


Having security certificates is an advantage for the companies. The certificate that we come across the most is ISO 27001. But, what is ISO 27001?

ISO 270001 Information Security Management System is a management system that includes people, processes and information systems in guaranteeing the corporate information security and that is supported by the senior management. It has been designed to protect information entities, secure parties and enable sufficient and proportional security controls. ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems contains the corporate structure, policies, planning activities, responsibilities, applications, procedures, processes and resources.

Why is it necessary?

Enabling business continuity, keeping and protecting data are among the most important factors. When you lose your data, you face outcomes that cannot be compensated. Lost or stolen data can cause many disaster scenarios.

By means of ISO 27001, companies can define, manage and decrease their risks. Since it is a must to take all security measure to get the ISO 27001 certificate, companies can execute all their controls and minimize security vulnerability.

Companies can get the ISO 27001 document that has many metrics from keeping information safe, internet outcome to physical security by meeting all the security criteria. One of the most important criteria is password security but as the passwords get more complex, the employees might forget their passwords or write their passwords on note papers in order not to forget! Here come the systems where users can reset their passwords on Web or via SMS to your help.

The password resetting with SMS feature which allows you to include your blue-collared employees to the process is very important for these solutions.

You are sure that you have a secure password?

While choosing your password, make sure that you determine a strong password and reset your password the moment there is a suspicious action. Online systems like social webs are not good at all at reminding you how old your password is, how week it is and when it is better to change it. The best method to protect your account and take measures against cyber attacks is for your company to have a password resetting solution.