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Evolution of Leadership

Evolution of Leadership

We all saw during this new remote working and work order that came to our lives with the pandemic and we foresee to be permanent, that different characteristics of management has come to the forefront. These characteristics are very important in continuing the workflow non-stop and increasing employee loyalty and keeping the personnel loss minimum. So, let’s go over what these characteristics are.

Leaders need to assure the team that they trust them and believe that they will do their best. The “nosy parker” leaders that always keep the workers in sight have come to an end with the pandemic. Of course, explaining this with the pandemic only would be insufficient. We all foresaw that with the Z generation entering the work like actively, the management style would be changing. From now on, work processes will keep going with mutual trust, respect and open communication. It is important to mention that performance evaluation will be outcome oriented. In this new work order, leaders who reassure the employees, who can openly communicate, who create solutions to employees’ problems and who have a strong planning aspect will be prominent.

With the new era, management of teams that work in remote places restrict managing everyone one by one. Thus, the era of leaders who take the team’s professions and abilities seriously, who trust and take their ideas seriously and who can assure the teams with the “we are a team” feeling begins.

We will observe that the leaders who keep the employee motivation in the forefront will be working more productively. It is important to know the team, their characteristics and how they get motivated. Especially with the remote working era, we might have to create a different working standard for each person. You, day by day, will realize the importance of leaders who do this planning.

Alongside all this, the value of leaders that plan the work and time management efficiently, follow team’s workflow and guide when necessary will increase. Yes, everybody has their individual responsibilities but it is important to keep in mind that leaders have a bit more.

So, how much of these characteristics do you have?