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E-mail signature management: SIGN&GO WEBINAR with ÇÖZÜMPARK

E-mail signature management: SIGN&GO WEBINAR with ÇÖZÜMPARK

What is the contribution of e-mail signatures in the digital business environment? Do they really acts as a business card of the companies? In these times where we feel that we are moving into the digital age, according to Statista’s research, approximately 306.4 billion e-mails were sent and received every day in 2020, while the number is expected to increase to 376.4 billion per day by 2025. In recent years, the importance of professional e-mail signatures around the world has turned into a powerful marketing tool, benefiting companies’ success and brand recognition on a large scale. As Seth Godin said, “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” You can also get more attention by adding innovative differences to your e-mail signatures such as colorful designs or the GIF playback feature.

But, what is SIGNandGO and how does it contribute to your company?

E-mail signatures are the closure of messages. Considering that each employee represents your company, it provides information about your company, connects with your brand and creates trust. By adding information texts such as advertisements, campaigns or announcements to your e-mail signatures, you can transmit your campaigns according to dates and generate traffic to your company’s website. The advantage within your company is that it provides an easy-to-use interface to different departments and takes this burden off the IT department. The best part is that it doesn’t even cost you a lot.

We held our SIGNandGO webinar with Çözümpark, where we talked about the steps that will facilitate your e-mail signature management without the need for server installation with a cloud-based central e-mail management solution.

  • Scheduled signatures
  • Cloud signature structure
  • Web based management
  • Mobile friendly management
  • Defining signatures and rules from the web-based easy admin screen
  • System Architecture: Exchange online and local exchange
  • Easy setup: SaaS and o365
  • Security measures: IP restriction, TCP communication, domain name filter