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Microsoft Teams Voice Solutions

Grow Your Business with PEAKUP Technologies Using Direct Routing Service!

Focus on your
Business Value!

The Modern Workplace is
More Than Just Finance.
Discover how Teams Phone keeps 12 million PSTN users connected.







PEAKUP Voice is a modern communications solution tailored for your modern workplace. On June 22nd, Microsoft Teams Calling Solutions reached another milestone with 12 Million Teams Phone PSTN users.


Customers' Experience of a Classic Teams Call (multiple weeks/months)

Customers' Teams Calling Experience with PEAKUP Voice

With PEAKUP VOICE, time and effort for configuration and deployment gets compressed and automated.

PEAKUP VOICE is a ready-to-use ecosystem for the Teams Phone System.

Remote Workers

No matter where your employees are working and what device they are on, they all need to communicate.

Evolving Call Scenarios

Organizations need more flexible phone capabilities while maintaining classic calling features.

IT budget and Resources

Modern solutions must be cost-effective and easy to manage.

Our Basic Onboarding Model

Sign up for a free trial

Connect your Office 365 account

Choose your plan and number of users

Start making calls!

Enter new and international markets

Increase your brand awareness

Increase employee productivity

Reduce the cost of your communication needs

PSTN Calling Solutions on Teams

Microsoft Teams Phone is made easy with our fully automated platform for operator connectivity or direct routing.

Microsoft Teams as your telephone

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Using Teams Phone saves time, reduces costs and improves business performance.

1.25 hours per week

Average time saved by mobile workers

3 months

Cashback after going live

11.1 million dollars

3 years of net savings


Return on investment


Worldwide connection

Live in 16 regions, fully global service.


Modern Communication

Fully Automated. 100% Simple.


Ready in 20 minutes!

No need to wait for installation.

Fast Automated Installation

Low pre-distribution fee

Customer Self-Service Portal for migration/addition/replacement

Simple Migration Process